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Visual Studio App Center Pricing

Each build runs on a separate, clean virtual machine (VM) no one else has access to. Once the build completes, App Center discards the virtual machine, and all files removed. The artifacts resulting from the build (log files, application files, symbol files) are stored on App Center servers.

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Visual Studio App Center

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Builds for iOS and Android apps (including Xamarin and React Native platforms) are run on macOS VMs running the following configuration. (If the specification maps to both VMs, then the newer one is used):

Visual Studio is the recommended tool (superseding Xamarin Studio) on both Windows and Mac. However, the VSTS page Build your Xamarin app says to use 'Xamarin'. Presumably that means Xamarin Studio, even though the the 'Install Xamarin' link on the page points to Visual Studio. Aug 09, 2016  A different Pool and Agent has to be set up for iOS, pointing to a Mac environment such as MacInCloud, or to your local Mac. The solution in Visual Studio needed three Build Configurations: one for Android (without UWP or iOS), one for UWP (without Android or iOS), and one for iOS (without Android and UWP). VSTS Agents and Build Definitions.

Visual Studio App Center Mac Build Agent Login

  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
    • iOS (Xcode < 11.0)
    • Xamarin (Mono < 6.4)
    • Android Native
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina
    • iOS (Xcode >= 11.0)
    • Xamarin (Mono >= 6.4)
    • React Native Android

Visual Studio Agent Download

Builds for UWP apps are run on Hosted Windows Agents using Windows Server 2019 & Visual Studio 2019.