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Using 3rd Party Media Player Apps with Verbatim MediaShare Wireless The MediaShare Wireless streaming device can be accessed through software supporting SMB protocols. There are a number of apps available via iTunes for this purpose and they. When you open the app for the first time you will see a screen like this: Page 2. Mar 02, 2011  Verbatim has one entry into this increasingly crowded field: the Verbatim MediaShare 1TB MediaShare™ Home Network Storage Server. MyMac Labs put a review unit to the test, and here’s what we have to report. Our first impression is that the MediaShare is a sturdy, well-built unit. It’s roughly the size of an Apple AirPort Base Station, 6.4.

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Verbatim Americas, LLC53.6 MB 08602013-03-15 2017-10-23 100,000+
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Stream media files that have been saved to an SD Card or a USB Flash Drive (supported media types dependent on players installed on your Android mobile device)
• Access non-media files using the 'Open in' button for installed applications (for example .txt, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt)
• Access the internet while still connected to your MediaShare system
• List saved files in thumbnail view or filename list view
• Search for files using keyword search function
• View photo slideshows
• Play audio files as background music
• Attach saved files to e-mail or upload photos to Facebook
• Manage the Wi-Fi connection to your MediaShare system
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Verbatim mediashare download


Does anyone here know if it is possible to view and access whatever 'hidden' files may exist on an iPod Classic 160Gb, when that iPod is connected to an Mac Mini (OSX Yosemite 10.10.5)?

I already know that it IS (or was) possible when connecting the same iPod to a Windows Vista PC.

Unfortunately, I no longer have access to a working Windows PC, since I use a Mac Mini.

The 'hidden file' in question is the 'iPod Controls' folder which contains all of the song files on the iPod but apparently NONE of the info like names of tracks, artists, albums, genre, etc

This folder IS viewable AND accessible, if the iPod is connected using an Apple Charge & Sync cable, to the usb port on a Verbatim Wireless Mediashare device, and then the Verbatim device is connected (via its own wifi signal) to ANY iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, (or Android) device, or Windows pc, that has the Verbatim Wireless Mediashare app installed. You then just open the app on the iOS or android device, or Windows pc, and go into iPod controls, to find whatever music files you need access to.

ALL of these songs are then playable, and can also be cut & pasted and/or copied & pasted in either direction between the iPod Classic and any iOS or Android device (or windows pc) that has the Verbatim Wireless Mediashare device app installed.

But this causes a problem because ALL music files and the folders that they are in, are NOT named or organised as they are in iTunes, when accessing these music files on the iPod Classic from within 'iPod Controls', when using the Mediashare app on either the iOS device or windows pc. They have names like BBZQTRG.mpa or similar, so NONE of the 8700+ song files are individually identifiable.

I have not used the Android version of this app as I don't own or use any Android device.

Verbatim Mediashare App

The original music library that these songs came from was created (by importing EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 8700+ songs from cd's which I purchased in a music store) on a windows vista pc which I no longer have access to because it no longer exists - there fore neither does this music library.

Download Mediashare App

I also no longer have access to 180-200 of the 350+ cd's used to import these songs since they 'went missing' (or were stolen) during a house move. Therefore about 3000+ songs are now only on my iPod Classic.

Verbatim Mediashare App For Mac Windows 10

The reason for needing access to 'iPod Controls' on the iPod, is so that I can copy & paste ALL of these 8700+ songs onto my Mac Mini so they can be individually identified in order to find the 'missing' 3000+ songs in order to put them back into iTunes.

If the iPod is able to be connected to the Mac Mini - as an external storage device - I think that the 'iPod Controls' folder is still hidden.

Any help in this matter will be very gratefully received.

Verbatim Mediashare Software

Thank you


iPad (4th gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.2

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