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This app shows up all the conversations and messages from our mobile device. At present WhatsApp is available for Windows 8+ users and Mac OS 10.9 users and is synced with WhatsApp on your mobile device. Because the app runs natively on your desktop, you’ll have support for native desktop notifications, better keyboard shortcuts, and more. Oct 18, 2019  Open the App Store app on your Mac. Click Updates in the App Store toolbar. Use the Update buttons to download and install any updates listed. When the App Store shows no more updates, the installed version of macOS and all of its apps are up to date. That includes Safari, iTunes, iBooks, Messages. Feb 15, 2020  Problem 8: Keep Messages On Mac: iMessage Text. For Messages app on Mac, Open Messages app on Mac. Go to “Top menu” “Messages” “Preferences” Next to click on “General” Tab Select One of three options from the Dropdown list. Forever; One Year; 30 Days; In case you remove the conversation from the list of Messages app.

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By Vernon Roderick, Last updated: August 26, 2019

iMessage is Apple’s chat and instant messaging service, which is a great alternative to SMS or text messaging, especially if the person you are talking to is an Apple user. The beauty of the iMessage is that you can use it across all Apple devices, including the Mac.There are some people, though, who are having problems with the iMessage on their Mac. The problem is that update iMessage on Mac is not working, preventing them to properly use the messaging service on their laptop or desktop. This could be an irritating problem to have, but fortunately, there are some troubleshooting solutions you can try if you encounter this problem.In the next section of the article, we’ll be discussing the different solutions you can try if your iMessage is not updating on Mac.

Let’s do this!

Part 1. How to Fix 'iMessage Not Updating on Mac'?

Your iMessage not updating on Mac can be an irritating problem, especially if you are working on your Mac and also need to use the iMessage.

But like any problem, there’s always a solution and for the update problem of the iMessage on Mac, there are several solutions that will be discussed here.

Method 1: Check if your iMessage is Updated to the Latest Version.

Probably one of the first things you can do is to check if your iMessage is updated to the latest version. Sometimes the latest version of the OS provides fix on several bugs and issues that you might be experiencing.

You just need to go to the App Store check to see the latest updates and update your Message App to its latest version and see if it does the trick.

Update Messages App Mac Os

Method 2: Turn Off and On iMessage.

After checking for updates and it still didn’t do the trick, the most basic solution that you can possibly try doing on your own is to Turn Off your iMessage and Turn it back On again. You have to do this for all your Apple devices. Here’s how you can do it:

For iOS devices:

Go to Settings

Scroll Down and go to Messages

Toggle the iMessage Off

Wait for a few seconds then toggle it On again

For Mac:

Open the Messages app

Messages App Download

Click on Messages > Preferences

Uncheck the Enable this account

Wait for a few seconds then check it again

Sometimes the problem is that iMessage is just stuck and turning it off and on again will do the trick.

Try sending a message using your Mac and see if the issue is already fixed. But if this still doesn’t work, the next you can try doing is restarting your devices altogether.

Method 3: Turn Off and On Your Mac.

Shutting down a device and turning it back on usually fixes a lot of issues and this could likely fix the issue of iMessage not updating on Mac. So try turning off your Mac computer and wait for a few minutes before turning it back on again.

Once it is turned back on, open the Message app on your Mac and try sending an iMessage to see if the problem is already fixed. If the problem is still not fixed, the next solution you can try is to sign out of your account and sign back in.

Method 4: Sign Out and In of your iMessage on Mac.

Another thing you can try doing is to sign out of your iMessage and sign in again using your Mac. This solution works well in most cases, so there’s no harm in trying it out. To do this:

Open your iMessage on Mac

Click Preferences > Accounts

On the Accounts display, click Sign Out and confirm it

After signing out, wait a while or restart your computer then sign in again after that

If after you have tried everything here and your iMessage is still not updating on your Mac, then the best solution you can do is to go for a third-party solutions provider to help you sync and update the iMessage on your Mac.

One such provider is FoneDog Mobile Solution Provider.

Their iOS Data Backup and Restore, which is designed to make backing up restoring files and data to your iOS device or computer easier, can also be used to help update your iMessage on Mac.

You would just need to backup your iMessage using the software and restore them to your Mac so this, in return, will update your iMessage on Mac.

Part 2. How to Update iMessage on Mac?

To do this, you would first need to install the software on your computer and to back up the data of your iOS device. In this case, you want to back up the iMessage, as this is the app that is not working properly on your Mac.

It is easy to backup your iMessage with the software. After installing it, you would just need to decide the kind of backup mode you want, and select the files and data you want to backup.

Once you have made your choice, just click start and the software will do the rest. It will only take a few minutes, depending on the size of the file. Once done, the iOS Data and Restore will display the name of the backup file and its size.

After the backup process is done, the next step is to restore the iMessage you backed up to your Mac so it can result in your Mac finally being updated.

Restoring is also easy to do, as you will only need to click the iOS Restore Data, choose the backup file you want to restore on your Mac.

Then you would need to select the specific files and data you want to restore to your Mac and the software program will do the rest.

This will effectively update the iMessage on your Mac. The beauty of the iOS Data Backup and Restore software is that it is 100% secure to use and you also won’t have to worry about any lost data during the backup or restoration process.

You also won’t have to worry about the any overwritten data during the restoration process as FoneDog made sure that the software won’t do that.

Finally, the iOS Data Backup and Restore is something that you can try without any risk on your part.

FoneDog has a 30-day free trial on the software, allowing you to test it out and see if it is something that you will need or use without spending any money.

Part 3. Conclusion.

iMessage is one of the most useful tools in Apple, as it makes messaging free between Apple users, as long as they are connected to the internet. But there are certain issues with the iMessage on Mac, most notably, the iMessage not updating.

Now there are several solutions that you can try to do if you ever encounter this problem. These solutions include updating the iMessage to the latest version, restarting the app, and so on.

If none of these solutions work, you can always go to a third-party provider and the one I recommend is FoneDog.

Latest mac os

Their iOS Data Backup and Restore software is not only a great tool for backing up and restoring data and files, but it can also be used to transfer files from an iOS device to the Mac or updating iMessages from iOS device to the Mac.

It is simple and easy to use and is designed in a way that it protects your files and data. You can also try it out for free, as it has a 30-day free trial period.

This ensures there won’t be any risk on your part if you install the iOS Data Backup and Restore and test it out yourself.

Moreover, if your Mac running slow, here is the best solution for you.

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by Jenefey AaronUpdated on 2020-05-12 / Update for OS X

iMessage not syncing with mac, I keep logging out from imessage account and logging in again and it still does not sync with my imessage account used on my iphone & ipad. Please help.'

-- From Apple Community

After an update on the Mac, some users have complained that their messages no longer sync with the Messages app on the Mac. If you can send and receive messages on your iPhone and iPad but you cannot do the same on your Mac, then there is indeed an issue that you need to work on to fix it.

In the following guide, you’re going to learn how you can fix the syncing stopped issue with the Messages app on your Mac.

Part 1. How to Fix iMessage Contacts Not Syncing on Mac in 2 Ways

The following are some of the most effective methods to try and fix this issue.

Way 1. Make Sure That iMessage Email Address Is true

iMessage lets you select what phone number and email addresses you can be reached at. This setting is defined in the messages settings option on both your iOS and Mac device. You need to make sure that the same phone number or email address is enabled on both your iOS and Mac

On your iOS device, head to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and make sure the email address or the phone number you should be reached at is listed in there and has a checkmark next to it. If it doesn’t, tap it to enable it.

On your Mac, open the Messages app and click on Messages followed by Preferences. Then, click on the Accounts tab and make sure the email address or the phone number you checkmarked on your iPhone is also checkmarked here. This is to ensure both of your devices are using the same account to send and receive iMessages.

Way 2. Turn Off and then Turn iMessage Back On

This is the quickest way to fix the issue and it works in most cases. Simply open the Messages app on your devices and turn off iMessage and then turn it back on after a few seconds.

Go to Settings on your iOS device and tap on Messages. Then, turn the toggle for Messages to the off position. After a few seconds, turn the toggle to the on position and iMessages will be enabled on your device.

Do the same on your Mac by opening the Messages app and clicking on Messages followed by Preferences. Then, uncheck Enable this account and then checkmark it again after a few seconds.

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our device.

Once you’ve done this, restart both of your devices and you should then be able to sync iMessages on your Mac without any issues.

Part 2: How to Transfer iMessage despite iMessage on Mac Not Syncing

When an issue occurs with any kind of syncing things, it becomes a big one as iOS devices usually have no other ways to sync and transfer data. Fortunately, this statement doesn’t hold true in today’s time as there are now a number of apps that can help you transfer data from your iOS device to your computer and one of them is iCareFone.

iCareFone has a file manager that helps you transfer data from your iOS device to your computer. Not only does it work as a file manager but it also has a number of other features that help you optimize and repair your device if required. If you’re facing any kind of issues with your iOS device, iCareFone app is the one you need to get.

How to Use iCarefone to to Transfer iPhone Data to Your Mac

Download and install iCarefone to your macbook and then follow these simple steps.

  • Run the program and select “Menage” from the home interface. Then connect your iPhone to the Mac using USB cables.

  • iCarefone enable you transfer iPhone photos, music, videos, contacts, messages, apps, books and bookmarks to Mac easily. Take photos for example. Go to Photos tab and select what you would like to transfer to Mac. Then click the 'Export' button and select a location to save these photos.

Messages App For Pc

We hope you're able to fix your imessage not syncing problem. In the meantime, iCareFone provides a better way to transfer data from your iOS device to your Mac. Try it! Its fast, reliable and simple to use.

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