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If you’re using an older version of Apple Mail, such as the version included with Mac OS X “El Capitan” or “Yosemite” Older versions have the second password in a different location. To update an old version of the Mail app with your new email password: Start Mail; Open the Mail menu and choose Preferences. Install the updates to your mail client, to patch it up for work with latest version of Mac OS. Mail app in macOS Mojave offers new features for sending, receiving, and viewing email messages.

A few months ago the Mail.app stopped updating anything from iCloud. The other emails that I had set up come through nicely (Gmail, Live, and Yahoo). This has been an issue for a while and I finally got frustrated and went back to checking each e-mail clients web version. To say the least, this is not as efficient nor as convenient as having them in one tailored inbox like the Mail.app used to have.

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I've come back to the problem and have deleted all the mail files and associated plist docs to get the app back to a fresh start.

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The Mail.app started just as expected and I subsequently added the iCloud address to get the ball rolling. I then went into the preferences and added the other 3 accounts too.

To my surprise, the iCloud account just sat empty for quite a while while the other three filled up nicely and updated. It took several minutes for the iCloud address to populate ANY data and when it was done, it stopped at August of 2012 (even further back from when it stopped before; around June 2013).

At this point I'm quite confused as to why iClould won't update, but ALL the others will (Gmail, Live, and Yahoo).

If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate all perspectives.

I'm wondering if there is a perference on the iCould web side that needs to be flipped to get the sync going. Don't really see WHY this would be, but I'm still looking.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1), forced restart after login...

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