The Best Genealogy Software For Mac

May 31, 2020  GEDitCOM II Genealogy Software for Mac GEDitCOM II — New Genealogy Software for the Macintosh GEDitCOM II is a genealogy application for MacOS X that sets the standard for ease-of-use, for editing genealogy files, for a customizable user experience, and for power features allowing the greatest access to your genealogical data. Mac Family Tree from Synium is the only Mac specific genealogy software in this category. Although since Synium released their first version of Mac Family Tree, most of the best genealogy programmes have become Mac compatible, all Mac users will tell you that software fine tuned specifically for the Mac is almost always superior.

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The various genealogy programmes available are all suitable for people new to family history but in addition, most are complex software capable of advanced research projects too. Most programs allow you to create a digital family tree and reports as well as adding notes, digitised photos, documents and often, audio and video clips too. Heredis World 2017 for Mac, a cross-platform genealogy application is 78% off through tomorrow, Sunday, October 8, 2017. Normally it’s $49.99, but right now it’s $10.99 – a great bargain. This is only for the Mac version – the Windows version is still at it’s regular price. Jan 30, 2019  Legacy Family Tree. Legacy Family Tree earned perfect marks in my GEDCOM test, is easy to use, and has comprehensive research and scrapbooking. Family Historian. Heredis 2018.

The Best Genealogy Software For Mac

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This page contains information about actively developed Mac OS X genealogy software (apps, applications) for Apple’s Macintosh Computers – iMac, MacBooks, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro. There is additional information at the bottom about older software that may support PowerPC Macs as well as “Classic” Macs.


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Mac OS X Genealogy Software

This software is currently supported and in development since 2012. Cost is listed in US $. The list is sorted by the latest updates. If you see any errors, please contact us.
iOS = iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
MacFamilyTree 7Mar 2015
Version 7.3.3
$49.99OS X 10.7OS X, iOSUses iCloud to keep genealogy data in sync. Can use Dropbox.
Family Tree Maker 3Feb 2015
Version 22.2.4
$39.99OS X 10.7OS X, iOS, Windows, AndroidCompatible with Family Tree Maker 2014 (Windows), keeps data in sync with
Family tree Builder 7.0 for Mac
Jan 2015
Version 7.0
$0OS XOS X, iOS, Windows, AndroidNOTE: This is the Windows version, with a 'wrapper' for OS X. A native version is planned.
FamilienbandeJan 2015$0OS XOS X, Windows, LinuxSupports PowerPC (PPC)
Reunion 10
Reunion 9
Nov 2014
10.0.7 (beta)
$99.99OS XOS X, iOSNOTE: This is a beta release, intended to fix a bug with OS X 10.10 'Yosemite'

My Family TreeNov 2014
Version 1.3.1
$19.99OS X 10.8, 64-bitOS XDoes not support GEDCOM. Very simple family tree editor.
Heredis 2014
Heredis for Mac (2012)
Oct 2014
Version 3.3.2
$59.99OS X 10.7.3, 64-bitOS X, iOS, WindowsCan sync between Macs, PCs, and iPhone/iPad over WiFi, or through a USB flash drive.
iFamily for Leopard
(older page)
Oct 2014
Version 2.895
$29.95OS X 10.4OS XSupports PowerPC (PPC)
(older version)
Oct 2014
Version 4.1.1
$0OS X 10.5OS X, Windows, Linux, BSDSupports PowerPC (PPC)
MacBridge for RootsMagic 6/7
Sep 2014
$14.95OS XOS X, iOS, Windows, AndroidNOTE: This is the Windows version, with a 'wrapper' for OS X. A native version is planned.
(older version)
Aug 2014
Version 2.0
$64.99OS X 10.6OS XThis is a free upgrade for GEDitCOM II users.
ohmiGene 5
Jul 2014
Version 6.11.5
DonationOS X 10.7OS X, iOS, WindowsMay only be available in French. Not sure on cost or ordering from Europe.
GedScapeApr 2014
Version 3.0.01
$59.99OS X 10.6.6, 64-bitOS X, WindowsNOTE: This is only for browsing GEDCOM files/exporting to a web site.
PAW2UMar 2014
Version 103.0
$0OS X 10.6.6OS X
$0OS X 10.5, Java VM 1.6OS X, Windows, Linux, SolarisOpen Source, Java-based.

List of discontinued, inactive, obsolete, or older Mac OS X genealogy software

FamilyTreeOct 2013
Version 1.2.2
OS X 10.7, 64-bitOS X, IntelNOTE: It appears to no longer be in active development, as the official website is down. Supports iCloud.
Family Tree Maker 2010 for MacJan 2011
10.5.8GEDCOM Support
MacFamilyTree 5Aug 2010
Version 5.7.8
10.4GEDCOM Support
MyBloodJul 2010
Version 1.31
OS X 10.4OS X, Intel or PPCGEDCOM Support
Heredis Mac X.2Sep 2009OS X 10.1.3OS XGEDCOM Support
OskJul 2009
Version 4.71
OS X 10.3OS X, Intel or PPC
PA Writer II
(now PAW2U)
2009?GEDCOM Support
Genealogy ProJul 2007
Version 2.2
10.4GEDCOM Support
GenerationXJul 2007
Version 3.0a2
10.3.9GEDCOM Support
Jun 2007
Version 0.2b
FamilyMar 2007
Version 2.0.2
GEDCOM EditorDec 2006
Version 1.1
10.4GEDCOM Support
seeGEDCOMXJun 2006
Version 0.8
MacPAFApr 2006
?GEDCOM Support

Best Genealogy Software For Macbook

Last Updated: March 3, 2015

Heredis World 2017 for Mac, a cross-platform genealogy application is 50% off for three days (believe it ends Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017). Normally it’s $49.99, but right now it’s $24.99 on the Mac App Store.

Note: This discount applies to the macOS version, the Windows version, the Windows upgrade, and the Mac and Windows Bundles. The non-App Store versions and the Windows and bundle pricing are available at

If you want to try it out before buying it, you can download a free demo from

Free Genealogy Software For Mac

The iOS and Android versions are free.

Best Genealogy Software For Mac 2020

Available through these links:
– Heredis 2017 World – BSD Concept – Apple Mac App Store