Syslog Server Software For Mac

Syslog Server Software For Mac

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Syslog Center is Mac-OSX based network management and monitoring software for syslog events that collects messages and notification alerts from any vendor and helps to monitor, analyze, report and correlate real-time network events in IT environments. Syslog Center can run on any Mac-OSX platform and implements syslog server monitoring.


In a word: Splunk
it may be overkill, and it takes a little configuration to get going, but it does near-real time analysis and reporting any any number of log files from any number of systems. It's free for small volume (up to 500MB per day), but can run into some serious $$ if you're dealing with lots of logs (e.g. hundreds of GB per day)

There are sites that can do this, but I wouldn't worry about it. Your server is not going to be your limit, it's far more likely to be your network bandwidth. Any Mac Mini is more than capable of saturating most internet links, unless you're in a commercial datacenter with gigabit uplinks to your upstream providers.
I know there is a Mac OS X app that can test and map ones network, complete with graphical maps showing where each machine and server is located in the building

I'm not aware of any app that can build a physical map of your network, since that requires an understanding of building layouts, etc., but logical maps (a list of all the devices on the network, switch ports, etc.) are easy enough. Intermapper is probably a good starting point.

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  1. I have many devices from which I want to get logs using a syslog server hosted on my iMac. To get in touch with logs and analyse them, I am looking for a good syslog viewer for mac which have the following functionalities: color log by level; stats & graphs; send mail and alert.
  2. Monitor Syslog Server with EventLog Analyzer's Predefined Reports & Alerts. Other than Windows Event Logs, EventLog Analyzer also collects System Logs (Syslogs) from all network devices, such as routers, switches, Linux and Unix devices, and many other syslog supported devices.It analyzes and generates reports for the same. The Syslogs are then archived, the same way as the Windows event logs.
  3. Oct 27, 2018  In general, a piece of software that will run on Linux will probably also run on Unix. Here is a list of Syslog servers that install on Linux and/or Unix. Fluend is a free open source Syslog server that runs on Linux and Mac OS. The utility can collect a wide range of log message types as well as Syslog.
  4. Anyone knows how to start Syslogd server on Mac to accept remote logging messages? I started Syslogd, but seems it doesn't accept remote messages. If I do a netstat -an it looks like udp port 514 is listening. However, if I scan the server from my laptop using nmap then I don't see udp 514. It's likely the port is being blocked somewhere.