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SQL is the most reliable database format to use with online applications, and this best explains why it is the most used as well as why there are several versions of it. Eventually, almost all the online-based applications, as well as several others, utilize it. However, there are some dangers with it especially, if caution is not exercised. To ensure that your web based is safe, you will need. The success of testing depends on the test cases used. Considering that most software projects are delivered in a limited time span using fixed resources, effective test cases must be used to. Software testing free download - Software Testing, Software Testing Free, Software Testing, and many more programs. All Windows Mac iOS Android. Editor Rating. Developer Tools Business.

Lately, app developers strive to create all-in-one applications. Hence, most software products have diverse moving parts. Consequently, they are more prone to fail when weighed against traditional applications. Even so, Software Testing Tools are gaining prominence in the market. Every app developer needs these tools in order to be certain of the accuracy and performance of their software products. Consequently, they can depict any elements of flaws in the applications and correct them before you sell them.




The latest LoadRunner version supports software testing in Agile, DevOps, and digital transformation environments. It assists institutions to be in charge of the performance of their apps while enhancing mobile-user experiences. You will love its ability to identify and resolve pitfalls in your apps before you release them to the market.

Selenium HQ

This Software Testing tool allows you to download applications that are unique to your device. You can use it for 32 or 64 bit Windows IE. It is very useful when creating scripts that associate with Selenium servers. This software is language-specific and you must comply with the same even when using its plugins.

IBM-Rational Functional Tester

App developers will love using IBM-Rational Functional Tester to ascertain the quality of their applications. It offers regression and functional testing solutions for Web-based, Java, Microsoft, terminal-based and Siebel applications among others. It is useful in Windows and SUSE and Red Hat Linux platforms. With it, you can create and deploy effective apps.

Visual Studio for Windows

Visual studio for windows is unlike most software testing tools. It has all app development essentials required to create and deploy software products on all platforms. It is free and it offers cloud-based community services to enhance analysis of your apps. It is ideal for agile planning, version control and continuous delivery of code editors.

Telerik for Mac

Telerik offers automated testing solutions for Mac app developers. You can use it to test for Performance, GUI, API, Load of your web, mobile, and desktop applications. It does not limit your use of language since you can code languages. QAs can also use it to add conditional logics and invoke commands easily.

Congnize for Android

Every app developer must appreciate the importance of Cognize for Android. It aids in drafting interviews and it issues you with frequently asked questions that are relevant to your technology. It features a glossary of the recent technical terms. Above all, it informs you about software testing tools, development, and technologies in unique categories.

Popular in Software Testing is Borland

Popular in software testing is Borland. It promises to improve your company’s agility. It allows software development teams to create tools that guarantee full-time user experience regardless of their location and type of devices. This is because it offers precision, validation, and control over your application implying that you deliver fast and efficient tools.

What is a Software Testing Tool?

A Software Testing Tool is an application or program that assists QAs and App Developers to test and approve their applications before delivering them to their customers. Clients demand for better programs every day. On the other hand, nobody is perfect. Thus, regardless of your expertise in app development, you cannot create flawless apps throughout.

There is a need to test their performance, accuracy, and load among other things. For this reason, you need to use the testing tools. Some of them allow you to store, share and reference previously used test elements from a central point. Hence, Developers and QAs can use the software at a common time. You can also see Land Survey Software

In order to sell software products that are perfect and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, you should test your tools using Software Testing tools. These free download tools such as Borland, Congnize, Visual Studio and Telerik are efficient for several platforms and they will increase your productivity over time.

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Ever since the inception, there have been increasing cases of the security breach in an IT organization. So, in order to overcome such security breach, it becomes absolutely necessary to use technology such as penetration testing. This technology safely exploits the vulnerable areas. Vulnerabilities may exist in the operating system, improper configuration and application flaws. The main motto of penetration testing is to analyze the related consequences and come up with a feasible solution.


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This software lets you know about the weaknesses in your defenses and areas with high risk. With this software, you get to know what your weak areas are and what might attack your infrastructure the most. With this, you can reduce the risk of phishing and other exploits by running the required test.


This is one of the most advanced software which allows penetration testing. It is easy to use and offers multi-language documentation. With an offensive testing platform, the software is one of the widely recognized when it comes to safeguarding your infrastructure. The software can be used to achieve defensive security with an offensive mindset.


When it comes to analyzing network protocol, WireShark is the go to software. With the help of this software, you can see what is going on your network. This software does a very deep inspection, which lets you get an idea about the weak areas in your system. This, in turn, makes configuration easy.


This software provides web-based application attack framework. The main aim of this software is to help you secure your system. This software also helps you secure web based application and finds vulnerabilities which need checking. Helps you reduce risk exposure by identifying vulnerabilities and acting accordingly to solve the issue.


Netsparker is one of the web based application security software and has a built-in exploitation platform which performs penetration testing and confirms vulnerabilities. With versatile software like this, vulnerabilities can be eradicated in an instance. This software is easy to use and helps an organization in securing applications and infrastructure.


This software has an integrated platform and performs security and penetration testing of web applications and IT infrastructure to safeguard data and money. It maps and analyzes the area of attack and provides an optimum solution. This software gives full control which in turn results in easy access and effective performance of a system.


This is one of the most popular security software which is currently being used in many organizations. This software helps to automatically find the vulnerabilities in the application and system and also analyze the security breach that might have been caused. This tool is great for penetration testing as well.

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With the enhancement in technologies, web-based services are the perfect place for attackers to target. The security breach leads to loss of essential data and business and this is turn requires a tool to cope up with attackers. Acunetix is one such penetration testing tool and helps reduce the vulnerability in the web application.


Veracode tool provides penetration testing, which is the need of the time as phishing activity is to increase and attackers never stop. The testing includes network penetration testing and security testing. These testings are no doubt essential if you want to safeguard your confidential information and also want an optimized solution

What is penetration testing?

There is a lot of hype and confusion between penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. What does a vulnerability assessment actually do? Well, it only identifies the common vulnerability and reports it. Whereas, penetration testing is one which exploits these vulnerabilities to find out unauthorized access or any malicious activity that might have happened and which in turn results in hampering the system and business. Application and network penetration testing are included in this.

So this penetration testing is nothing but a test that is performed on the computer system to find out the weakness and unauthorized access to the data of the system. Hence, this test identifies what the target system is and the goal associated with it. This test may be the white box and black box. The main reason to use this test is to determine the vulnerability of a system, whether the defenses are sufficient or it lacks security.

Penetration Testing Tool Definition

These are the tools which are basically used to do penetration testing. These tools improve the testing efficiency and automate various tasks. It also helps find the issues and problems which might then be very difficult to find out with manual technique. Static and dynamic testing tools are the two different types which are commonly used.

Manual Penetration Testing

This testing approach uses human expertise despite using penetration testing tools. This test not only provides coverage for standard vulnerability, but also other designs and business logics. The compound risk is identified only by using manual testing.

How Penetration Testing is Done?

  • This testing starts with the potential areas that could cause threat and security breaches.
  • Then these threats are ranked and given priority based on criticality.
  • A penetration test is devised both from within the network as well as from the outside. This ensures whether the system has had an unauthorized access.
  • If yes, then the system has to be checked and corrected according to the need.

Who Can Perform the Penetration Testing?

By now, you might have got that the penetration testing is completely different from the vulnerability testing. Yes, we can perform the penetration testing, but if you are not sure, then there are so many tools available which can perform the work for you.

Also, there are these certified testers, security consultants and network specialists who can do the work for you. So, these tools which are mentioned above, check the weak spots and show them to you.

Accordingly you can take the necessary action and make your system secure. In turn, you get a secure network which will stop any breach from happening. Or at the least it will let you know your affected and vulnerable area.

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