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Mar 23, 2018  The Best Real Estate CRM Software for 2019. From condo associations to commercial property management companies, we review 10 customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that can help real.

Real Estate Closing Software Programs

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MAC Real Estate, L.L.C. manages 116 complexes throughout the Gulf South. Its base of operations is the New Orleans metropolitan area because of its central location to customers and vendors and because it’s a fun place to live with access to great food, live music, Mardi Gras, festivals and a multitude of outdoor activities.
Over the past 40 years, MAC Real Estate, L.L.C. and its affiliated companies have developed, acquired, built, renovated and managed properties in 88 cities and towns in the Gulf South.

Our primary strategic partners are USDA-Rural Development, Louisiana Housing Corporation, Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs and Mississippi HOME Corporation. We expect to continue to provide affordable housing to Gulf South residents well into the future through our close working relationship with these agencies.