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Whether you are a beginner or a professional disc jockey, you are ever on a lookout for advanced and powerful DJ Software. You want to create great music effects, mix and match tracks and for doing these tasks you invariably require one of the best DJ Software.

  1. Ots Dj Software
  2. Ots Dj Pro

So in the following presentation we have compiled a list of Best Free DJ Software for Mac which can assist you in rendering superb music effects with ease.

The Best Free DJ Software for Mac presented below can be used by professionals as well as by amateur disc jockeys too. They have been empowered with many advanced and powerful features. Some of their prominent features included are iTunes integration, looping and cueing, beat detection, seamless beat mixing, comes with powerful mixing engine, automatic Beatmatch, real-time effects, synchronization facility, auto-play and many other features, as well.

These Best Free DJ Software for Mac makes music mixing easy and effective. We certainly believe that you would find the presentation on Best Free DJ Software for Mac really useful and would surely help you in selecting the right DJ Software which can fulfill your requirements.

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We hope that you would have liked our above presentation on Best Free DJ Software for Mac. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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1. itDJ

itDJ is one of the highly rated DJ software that can be used for Mac OS. It comes as a freeware and works perfectly with iTunes. You can mix tracks, add effects, match beats and do lots of other stuff so as to amplify your music like a professional.

One of the major highlights of itDJ includes its capability to detect tracks and playlists in your iTunes music library and so you only need to add all your music into the queue. It supports looping and cueing, comes with synthesizer, SFX Pads, beat detection facility and much more.

2. Mixxx

Mixxx is recognized world over as one of the most advanced and powerful DJ software. It is available as a freeware and provides a host of incredible features. Mixxx has been sports features so as to make your DJ mixing a pleasant and delightful experience.

It supports iTunes Integration, provides seamless beat mixing, comes with a powerful mixing engine, supports wave recording, displays parallel waveform, BPM detection and supports many DJ MIDI Controllers, as well.

3. VirtualDJ

VirtualDJ is yet another most sort after DJ software for Mac. It comes in free as well as paid versions. Its free version is available in the form of VirtualDJ Home for non-commercial use and includes nearly all the features you get to experience in its pro version. Some of its salient features include BPM Detection, internal mixer, automatic Beatmatch, extensible skin customization, looping facility, Automix mode, and various other features, as well.

4. Rapid Evolution

Rapid Evolution is another powerful free DJ Software for Mac. It provides a powerful music tool to DJs and lets them mix, match and play great music. It comes with automatic BPM detection as well as key detection, MIDI keyboard, BPM tapper, profiles your songs, helps to create better song mixes and comes with lots of other powerful features, as well.

5. Zulu DJ Software

Zulu DJ Software is a professional and feature-rich free DJ Software for Mac OS. It comes as a comprehensive DJ software solution which can be used by professionals as well as amateurs. Zulu DJ Software has an interactive and user-friendly interface together with powerful features, which facilitates easy mixing of tracks. It includes features such as automatic beat detection, provides real-time effects, auto-play mode, synchronization facility between the decks, and many other features, as well. Moreover, Zulu DJ Software supports almost all the popular audio formats so that you can play any kind of audio file.


There have been many developments in the domain of software industry in the field of information sharing or communicating across the world or be it simply watching a movie while sitting comfortably at your home. Though these changes are notable enough the major development has taken place in the music industry with the advent of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). This component of music is created electronically and the application of the same is done by the means of a software application.

Nowadays, there are also growing trends of mixing the beats and rhythm of one song with the other and thus a lot of variations and experiments are happening by mixing and editing the beats of the songs. This type of professionals are referred to as DJ and they do such of mixing and editing by the means of various software.

These computer applications have taken the genre of music to a whole new level and thereby has revolutionized the music industry with amazing beats. These software applications range from various price range and each of them comes with a whole new dimension of additional features which makes sound mixing and editing more creative and easier.

Best Free DJ software

There are many best DJ software which is available in the market free of cost and they can be used based on the compatibility of the operating system of the user’s device. These software applications are generally used as an option to get a head start and the list of such applications are given as:

1. UltraMixer

This is a European software catering to the European market. It can be used for free at an hourly basis which includes numerous attempts of sound mixing and creating new beats. Moreover, this software has some basic editing operations but the major editing task has to be done by paying for the advanced version.

2. KraMixer Free

This is a very good option for a person who wants to take up this profession as a hobby as this software provides the basic apparatus for sound mixing and gives a decent output. It has all the features for editing inbuilt in the software and does not require any external support. Moreover, it also has a robust sound system to support the music creation.

3. Zulu Free

It is a completely free software which is compatible with Windows OS, and Android mobile techs and kindle and Mac as well. Thus it can be used on numerous platforms and it majorly has the following features:

  • It is a very robust software.
  • It has auto beat detection and sync options.
  • It can easily export music files and it also is used on “live” mode.
  • It can edit the music using DJ control without any extensive formatting requirement.
  • It can be used for MIDI devices as well.

4. Djay Series Free

It is primarily a mobile-based application and it can be used as DJ on the go for on the spot parties etc. It can be used to play two tracks at the same time with ease. Moreover, it also has an added advantage not only use the internally stored music but it can also use many Spotify music services. The layout and user interface of the software is also incredibly easy and therefore it has huge public demand.

Ots dj software for mac free

5. Blaze Free

It is a preliminary version and a higher version can be accessed by paying some amount of money. The most essential features are:

  • It has a MIDI support and a sound cloud integration.
  • It is a very robust software to be used even in the trial version.
  • It can use the timecode feature to match up a digital vinyl system.
  • This helps in providing the output as a real deal and makes it sound like an actual recording.

6. Cross DJ Free

It is a new free trial version which gives access to much-advanced software for a limited period and it thus provides additional advantages like:

  • It comes with 2 decks and a music mixer
  • It also has iTunes support and 3 audio effects.
  • It also gives access to Soundcloud and it is an easy software that can be used by beginners.

Best Paid DJ Software

There are many software applications which can be used by professional DJs to work and create various kinds of music but most of these software applications cost a lot according to the various features that the user wants to avail. Here is the list of some best DJ software are:

7. Magix Music Maker

This is comparatively a cheap software and it can be used to create various kinds of music like song mixing or rap as well. The features are:

  • It has a popular design interface which is easier to maneuver.
  • It has 8 soundpools and 9 virtual instruments.
  • It also has 6000 sounds and is open to loop in other variations.
  • Also, it can be downloaded easily as an app and thus songs can be easily imported as plugins and correspondingly all the editing can be done easily.

8. Mixx for Windows and Mac by RAND’S

This software is comparatively inexpensive and it is compatible with major software applications like Hercules DJ, Traktor, and American Audio. Thus it also comes with a microphone support and 4 sampler deck support. Thus it can be used by beginners to learn and use it and then they can move onto other advanced options.

9. Mixcraft Pro Studio 7

It is an advanced and pretty expensive software which can be used to produce music in the loop and thereby help in providing a wide range of audio effects which can be implemented using a wide range of virtual instruments. It also has some amazing features like:

  • One can record multiple audio and MIDI tracks at the same time.
  • There are 8900 royalty free loops along with 18 sounding virtual instruments.
  • It also has 52 publishing audio effects
  • It also has one-click option to upload the music on Youtube, Facebook or other social media apps.

Ots Dj Software

Best Free DJ software for Mac

Though most of the best DJ software works exceptionally well on a Mac operating system, there are some software applications which works smoothly on such platform. The comprehensive list can be given as:

10. itDJ

It is one of the highest rated DJ software compatible with Mac OS. The major features are:

  • It can work perfectly in sync with iTunes and comes as a freeware.
  • There are options for sound mixing, adding tracks and other editing effects to make the music sound like a professional.
  • It can also detect music tracks from the playlist of your iTunes.
  • It also comes with a looping and cueing option.
  • It has additional features like an inbuilt synthesizer, SFX pad, and a beat detection facility.

11. Virtual DJ

It comes as free as well as an advanced version which can be used after paying some money. The free version can be used only for non-professional purposes and the major features of this software are:

  • It has a BPM detection technology.
  • It has an internal mixer.
  • It has an automatic beat match and an internal looping facility.
  • It also has extensible skin customization.
  • It also has an “Automix” mode.

12. Rapid Evolution

This is a powerful DJ tool which can be used by Mac users to create professional music by using a free software. The major features include:

Ots Dj Pro

  • Internal BPM detection algorithm as well as key detection set up.
  • It also has a MIDI keyboard.
  • It also has a BPM tapper which customizes and profiles your songs and then gives a powerful professional song as an output.

13. Serato DJ Intro Free

The advanced version of this software provides an excellent output of mixed music but the Serato DJ Intro is also quite easy to use and is compatible to produce an intermediate music which can be created by using plenty of file and integration management options.

14. MIxxx

It is recognized all over the world as an important and most powerful DJ software. Even the freeware version of this software has essentially advanced tools to support the system and create amazing music. It has smooth and integrated tools which make the job of the user quite easy and seamless. The major features of this software are:

  • It supports iTunes integration along with seamless beat mixing.
  • It also provides a powerful mixing engine.
  • It also supports wave recording.
  • It has an added feature of displaying parallel waveforms.
  • It also has BPM detection methods.
  • It also supports external devices like many MIDI controllers as well.


Thus the above discussion provides a comprehensive list of some of the best DJ software around the world and how they provide various features to accentuate the development of music industry and promote the culture of DJ music as an alternative career option for the youth at an easy and accessible rate.

It also reiterates that software technology has made our lives easier in the manner of expressing and creating music and thus have opened an entire plethora of options to add effects and value to the music industry.