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For some Apple Mac users a “mac address” may sound like a reference to the current location of your computer. In this case, however, MAC refers not to your computer but to the unique Media Access Controlcode assigned to every device capable of connecting to a network. The Wi-Fi chip in your Apple computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Kindle, Android phone, Windows computer, etc., has a hardware level identifier. This enables networks and other network capable devices (such as your wi-fi router) to differentiate one device from another. a MAC address takes the following format: 01-23-45-67-89-ab

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Why change your MAC address?

  • Sep 02, 2017  By the way, I'm pretty sure that your searches were unsuccessful because it is not possible with iOS. Apple won't even allow third party Apps to use the wireless adapter so I can't imagine they'd approve of anybody or any App changing the MAC Address. Besides, there's no.
  • Sep 10, 2013  Not only will these apps change your MAC address, they will also generate a new random MAC address. The two apps I have used and recommend are: MacDaddyX. This is the big daddy of MAC address spoofing apps. It will let you spoof the manufacturer/brand of device too, or ensure the brand remains consistent. For instance, you can generate a MAC.

There are situations where it is useful to temporarily change your device’s MAC address. It can only be changed temporarily as it’s hardware encoded. So it will revert back when you reboot your device. Changing your MAC address is commonly called spoofingthe MAC address. For instance, now I am in London Heathrow airport. They provide free wi-fi access, and yet in their wisdom Heathrow decided to only allow a device to connect for 45 minutes. I have a 4 hour wait for my next flight. I’ve not yet reached the end of the 45 minutes, but there’s a chance the network will lock my MacBook out once the 45 minutes is over. Quite why they have a time limit is a mystery to me. Every person here in the departure area is obviously destined to get on a plane and leave. It’s not as though people can come in here and make use of the Internet without being a passenger. Because the network depends on my MacBook’s MAC address to identify it, changing the MAC address gives me a fresh start. As far as the network is concerned my new MAC address represents a different device from the one that just used up 45 minutes of air time. Some coffee shops are also implementing time limits. I can understand their logic for doing so. It prevents someone from buying one cup of coffee and then spending the rest of the day using the cafe as their office. My local library (in New Zealand) also enforces a time limit. That, again, does not make sense to me. The library is a public service, and providing Internet access is part of the services they offer. People don’t get kicked out after reading books in the library for 2 hours. Why are they booted from the Internet? There are plenty of other situations where changing a MAC address may come in handy.

How to change your MAC address

You can change the MAC address in the Terminal (I am referring to as opposed to an Airport Terminal). There are plenty of articles online explaining how to go about that method. But it is much easier to use an app fit for the purpose. Not only will these apps change your MAC address, they will also generate a new random MAC address. The two apps I have used and recommend are:

MAC address spoofing not working I'm trying to spoof the MAC address of a MBP 15' 2018 running High Sierra 10.13.6 in order to validate network filtering but I'm unable to change it using ifconfig. 'sudo ifconfig en0 ether mac address'.


This is the big daddy of MAC address spoofing apps. It will let you spoof the manufacturer/brand of device too, or ensure the brand remains consistent. For instance, you can generate a MAC address that is a valid Apple device MAC address as opposed to any random device brand. A very comprehensive list of device manufacturers is included in MacDaddyX. Whether or not that feature is useful to you will depend on your purpose for spoofing the MAC address.

This app appears to have been abandoned by the developer. It still works on my OS X 10.8.4 MacBook. You can download it from MacUpdate. For a smoother app, check out the next option.


WifiSpoof is a more recent app. You can’t select the manufacturer of your spoofed MAC address, but for most people that’s not important. It looks like this:

For most people I would recommend using WifiSpoof. It works well and sits nicely in the menu bar.


Keep in mind some networks might also use cookies to keep track of whether you’ve used up your time limit. If changing your MAC address does not allow you to resume Internet access, look for cookies from the domain utilised by the service you are signing up on. You’ll need to do that in the browser you use for signing up to the Wi-Fi service in question. For instance, here at Heathrow the domain is There was one cookie from that domain stored in my browser. I don’t know if I needed to remove it, but I did anyway.

Case in point

Whilst writing this article, I went to use the toilet and speak to an Airline rep. On my return I was faced with the following message: Dear Jonathan, your FREE time has now expired and will be available to you again in 11 hours 36 minutes.

Their measly 45 minutes is up. I have 3 hours to wait for my flight. If I had no idea about changing my MAC address it’s about now I could be feeling rather annoyed. Time to change my MAC address.

GPS Tracking is not something new for the present generation , most of the applications we use these days like Facebook , WhatsApp , YouCam all tend to track your location . But there are some instance in which we really don’t want to reveal exact location . Sometimes we want to fake location , for this you can make use of the certain Mock location app for phone .

GPS Spoofing or location Spoofing is more popular after Pokemon Go game has hit the market . Whatever may be your purpose here is certain applications that are best Mock location app for Android & iPhone to fake location / mock location .

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I seriously won’t recommend in using fake GPS location but for certain GPS games you can change GPS location with the help of certain location spoofer apps .


  • 2 How to Spoof location on iPhone
    • 2.1 Mock location app for Android & iPhone to fake location

You can spoof location on Android by certain ways like –

  • With the help of developer options
  • Using Location spoofer apps / mock location apps

You can fake android location of your phone by enabling Allow mock locations . So that any of the location spoof apps can work on your device to give a totally different location as per your choice . So on your Android developer option do certain changes within the settings just as given below –

  • In order to allow mock locations – Go to About from Settings
  • Repeatedly tap over the Build Number so it would give out a message as You are now a developer
  • On your device developer settings toggle on the Allow mock location

You are done with it .

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You can fake iOS location by jail breaking iPhone else take a Apple developer account and apart from this you can use the iOS location spoof apps .

Mock location app for Android & iPhone to fake location

There are so many best fake GPS apps to change location on your phone

Android fake location apps

Check out the apps listed below that are best to spoof location on any android device .

Mac Address Spoofing App Iphone

Fake GPS Location Spoofer

This has both paid and free versions . If you want to use this for playing Pokemon by location spoofing then you should go for paid version . Because the free fake GPS Location spoofer app is good at masking your GPS location . The paid version costs you about less than 5 dollars (most probably 3 dollars) .

Make sure you have already worked on your Android developer option settings before installing , so the task would be very easy for you .

You can get both free Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer app and premium version

Mock Locations (fake GPS path) App

Mock location fake GPS path is available as free version just for 24 hours from the time of installation . And you can trial the premium version and check out is compatibility with your device before you buy premium mock location app version.

Fake GPS – Fake Location

You can use this to fake android location by simply searching for the location you want to set as your location , or you can even move the red dot to the location you would like to choose and set it .

This works well to fake Facebook location or to fake Whatsapp location . In case with certain games this won’t work well .

Fake GPS Location- Hola

Not only a Fake GPS app but also ideal for stranger chats . You can choose between a wide list of locations to fake your location .

While using this keep your settings as Device only .

iPhone Mock Location Apps

Check out the apps that are ideal to change iPhone location or to mock iPhone location .

Fake location – change your location & address

This is one of the highly top rated location spoofer apps on iTunes store . This works on iOS 8 and its higher versions. This app is free and it claims that its useful to fake tinder GPS location as well .

Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS location app this will be useful to change iPhone / iPad GPS location .This allows you to share the fake location and prank someone .

Fake GPS location – Spoofer Go

This is again a highly good rated iPhone mock location app , this works with iOS 8 and higher OS . You can use this to swiftly change iPad location , iPhone GPS Location and so on.


So hope these helps you , there are so many other apps but here we have listed out only the top high rated apps .