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The Most Effective Way to Open Visio (VSD/VSDX/VDX) Files on Mac. When it comes to the most effective way to open VSD/VSDX/VDX files on Mac, Cisdem DocumentReader should be highly recommended. It is an amazing app that can open Visio file promptly on Mac, in addition to this format, other files types such as WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, PDF can be read as well.

File TypeVisio Drawing File

CategoryVector Image Files

What is a VSD file?

Mac Software That Can Open Vsd Work

A VSD file is a drawing project saved by Visio, a program used to create technical drawings. It may contain visual objects, information flows, text, and other data. VSD files may also store connection information for imported data sources.

Visio drawings allow users to visualize and communicate complex information and are typically used in business settings. They can be used to create flowcharts, workflow diagrams, organizational charts, software diagrams, network diagrams, and database models.

Microsoft Visio is typically used to create and open VSD files. However, the files can also be viewed by other programs, such as iGrafx FlowCharter and LibreOffice.

The VSD format was more common in the 2000s, when it was the main file type associated with Visio. But the format was replaced by the .VSDX format in Visio 2013.

Open Vsd File Type

Unknown files on your Mac? Try File Viewer.
The Omni Group OmniGraffle
Nektony VSD Viewer
Nektony VSDX Annotator
Nevron Software MyDraw
File Viewer Plus
Microsoft Visio 2019
iGrafx FlowCharter
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020
Nevron Software MyDraw
Nektony VSD Viewer
Nektony VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings
Updated 5/1/2019
Edraw Max is a great Visio viewer to open and view Visio vsd and vsdx files both on Windows and Mac.

Introduction of the Visio File Format VSD

A VSD file is a drawing project saved by Visio, Microsoft's professional graphics application. The binary-file format VSD files contain graphics, information flows, text and other visual data. Microsoft Visio is typically used to create, open and edit VSD files. However, VSD files are also supported in Edraw Max. Edraw Max supports to open, view and edit both .VSD and .VSDX files since the release of Version V9.4.

How to Open and Edit VSD file on Mac

Edraw Max is an all-in-one diagram software, it supports to run on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can open, view and edit VSD files on Edraw Max.

Open Vsd In Word

Importing Visio VSD Files into Edraw Max

1. Run Edraw Max.

2. Go to File>Import, select “Import Visio File”.

3. Select the .vsd file from your computer and click “Open

4. Use Edraw Max to edit on the VSD file.

Open VSD files on Mac

Compatible with:

Mac OS X 10.10

Mac OS X 10.11

Mac OS X 10.12

Mac OS X 10.13

Mac OS X 10.14

The VSD format was the main file type associated with Visio in the 2000s. But In Visio 2013, the file format was replaced by the .VSDX. For now, Edraw Max supports to open, view and edit both .VSD and .VSDX files since the release of Version V9.4.

How to Export VSD file to PDF, Images and Other Files Formats

Exporting Visio VSD Files to Other Files Formats

1. Go to File>Export & Send

2. Choose the files formats you need to save as.

Exporting files formats: Graphics, TIFF, PDF, PS, EPS, Office Word, Office PowerPoint, Office Excel, HTML, SVG, VSDX.

Mac Software That Can Open Vsd

Learn more about How to Export Edraw to Other Formats

Edraw Max--The Best Visio Alternative

Edraw Max is a cross-platform diagram software. With Edraw Max you can create flowchart, org chart, floor plan, network diagram, UML diagram, electrical diagram, mind map, P&ID and so on totally 280 types of diagram.

As a user-friendly Visio alternative, it requires no professional skills to use this software, you can edit on the ready-made templates directly, or to drag the symbols and icons from the libraries to draw the diagram. What is more, Edraw Max provides a Lifetime License which allows you to enjoy the lifetime version upgrade and customer service support. We provide a 15-day free trial before users decide to place an order. Download Edraw Max and start a free trial right now.