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Macworld also has bootable-install-drive instructions for: mac OS High Sierra (10.13) El Capitan (OS X 10.11) Yosemite (OS X 10.10) Mavericks (OS X 10.9). Dec 05, 2019  Step 1: Firstly Download PowerISO and install it in your Windows PC. Launch the app and insert a USB drive into your computer. Step 2: Import the DMG / ISO file directly by clicking on ‘Burn’ in the toolbar. Step 3: In the Burn window, select the DMG / ISO file from the Source File section. Step 4: You can modify the settings to adjust burn speed. The default will be set to the maximum.

  1. Mac Os Pen Drive Bootable Software For Windows 7 Download
  2. Mac Create Bootable Usb From Iso
  3. Bootable Mac Os Iso Torrent
  4. Iso To Bootable Usb Mac
  5. Create Bootable Os X Usb On Windows
  6. Mac Os Pen Drive Bootable Software

Some few years back, if any user wants to install OS in their PC or to create a rescue disc for the same, then there is a need to burn the OS in to the CD/DVD. Simply, to create bootable drive to install the OS in our PC requires to burn OS in a CD/DVD. Bootable drive actually helps to boot the PC and that’s why this process needs to be done to install OS in the PC. But there are some drawbacks of creating and using bootable drives with CD/DVD. The first drawback here is that there is an additional cost of purchasing CD/DVD. Another point here is that it is time consuming and moreover, after booting your PC, you won’t be able to use that CD/DVD for the future purposes. That’s why there is an urgent need to replace this system of booting the PC. In this world of technological advancements, there are USB flash drives and pen drives available for the users. Users can easily install OS in their PC just by burning the ISO image of an OS in it. Moreover, after the installation of OS, you can easily delete the files whenever you want to.

Note: Make sure to back up your USB drive or pen drive before and after using the bootable USB software. Otherwise, you may need to recover lost files from pen drive.

But to burn the ISO to pen drives, you need some sort of USB bootable software which will help you to accomplish this task. For this purpose, we will present a handpicked list of top 7 USB bootloader software which are very easy and convenient to use. Anyone having basic knowledge of computer can use those USB bootable software followed by installing Windows 7/8/10 OS in their PC by following the instructions on the screen. So, here we go with the first one:

1) Rufus

Mac Os Pen Drive Bootable Software For Windows 7 Download

Rufus is undoubtedly the best USB bootloader software used by tech professionals as well as freshers. This open source software will surely make your job a lot easier and faster as well. Rufus is very convenient to use and that’s why this software bears a lot of popularity among the users. As we mentioned, this software is used by tech specialist as well as freshers, so there is no doubt on the capability of this software. The enhanced and optimized features of this software make it even a better choice because it becomes quite easier for the user to create USB bootloader in the USB drives and Pen drives. Main and the foremost advantage of using Rufus software is that this software doesn’t require installation to use it. Any user can easily access or use this software directly from the exe file. That’s why Rufus is undoubtedly our first best pick in this list of top USB bootloaders for Windows.

2) Windows DVD/USB Tool

This USB bootable software is the official Microsoft bootloader tool which offers multiple functioning for Windows 7/8/10 lovers. Users can create both USB bootloader as well as DVD Bootloader which is quite appealing for the users. Like as Rufus, this Windows 10 USB tool is also very easy to use which defines its popularity among the users. Simply, you have to insert USB or DVD in your PC followed by selecting ISO and finishing the things off by clicking on the ok. The bootloader will get created in the USB or DVD in some seconds which you can use to install OS in another PC conveniently. The customized and optimized features of this official tool of Microsoft is what making the whole difference between this tool and other bootable USB tools. That’s why Windows DVD/USB tool is our second-best pick in this list.

3) Universal USB Installer


The name of this USB bootloader tool itself tells all the things. This USB bootable software can be used in another OS like Linux etc. Several other USB drives like security drives, other rescue and bootable drives can also be created using this tool very conveniently. Unlike other USB bootable software for Windows, this software features the feature of choosing OS from the drop-down menu which will really makes all the things easier for the users. That’s why this software offers a direct competition to the other bootable USB software. But one thing you should note here for this software is that this software revolves around for the Linux users to provide best in class convenient features. But, in a nutshell, Universal USB Installer is a must try choice for every user.

4) RMPrepUSB

Frankly speaking, this tool is not of so use for the users who don’t have much knowledge about computer. This is because this tool is fully loaded with customized features which are not very easy to use. That’s why we recommend you to avoid or decline this choice if you are a fresher in this field. But for the users who are having a good experience in this field can use this software hassle free. As we mentioned, the customized features of this software make it much easier for the users to create the USB bootloader in their pen drives and Flash drives. Like as Rufus software, this software doesn’t require any installation process. This Windows 10 USB bootable software is available for free download and direct launching from the exe file.

5) UNetBootin

This software is specially designed to create bootable Linux drives. So, if you are a Windows user, then try to bypass this software. Windows users can also create bootable USB drives with the help of this software, but it will become quite difficult for them. For the Linux OS users, the available features are very easy to use. Linux users can create USB bootable drives hassle free with just few clicks. Another highlighting feature of this software is that you can easily install any software on live bootable drives which are absent in other software present in this list. That’s why UNetBootin software is considered in the list of the top USB bootable software. And we also recommend our valuable users to use this software if they use Linux in their PC.

6) YUMI-Multiboot USB Creator

USB Creator: This software is developed by the developers of Universal USB Installer and we are very glad to tell you that this software is another very good option in this list. The main features of this software include the ability to install more than two operating systems at one time. Another very good feature of this software which we had liked the most about this software is that YUMI is capable of creating the backup drives of antivirus software, camera drives and other important drives. The user-interface of this software is very lite which makes it much easier to use for the users. You have to fill all the required fields which is present in the pop-up window followed by clicking on the “Create” option. Your USB bootloader will be created in the pen drive or flash drive within a few seconds. So, it is a very good choice as far as all the features and functionality is concerned.

7) Win Setup From USB

This is our last pick in this list and surely, we can say that this is another very awesome choice for all the Windows users. Both Windows and Linux users can use this software hassle free. Users can easily create both Windows and Linux bootable drives. Moreover, other backup drives like Antivirus software drives can also be created very easily using this software. The user-interface of this software does exactly the same thing which it meant to be. That’s why this software has gained a lot of popularity after its official launch. Moreover, with simple bootloader drives, users can create drives of other very useful tools such as Bootice, SIM Kit tool, FBInstTool etc. So, definitely a worth choice for all the Windows and Linux users.

Bonus Tips:

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Here this list of handpicked Top 7 USB bootloader software ends. We really hope that you like our today’s article. In case if you do think that we have missed any popular USB Bootable software for Windows 10 or 7, then please let us know through the discussions made in the comments section. And in case if we find any other choice or solution for you, then we will update the list. But till then, stay updated with more technological stuffs on our official website. And please don’t forget to share this topic with your friends through the use of social media platform.

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Macbooks or iMacs hardly require reinstallation of their Mac OS, but when they do then it’s a fairly difficult process especially if your secondary computer is Windows. Reinstalling Mac OS is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience that’s why recommend doing this process in your free time or weekends.

To get started with you require a USB drive with at least 8GB storage (16GB recommended). Then you need a working Mac OS ISO or DMG Installation Image. You can download it from the Apps Store or you can find Mac OS Image at ISORIVER.

Mac Create Bootable Usb From Iso

There are 2 Methods to Create a Bootable USB drive of Mac OS on your Windows PC.

Method 1: Using TransMac

  1. Download TransMac’s latest version for Windows from this link.
  2. Connect your USB drive
  3. Right Click on your USB drive option in TransMac and select Format Disk for Mac
  4. After that, right-click the USB Drive and select Restore with Disk Image
  5. Point to your Mac OS .dmg or .iso file by clicking the add button.
  6. After that TransMac will create bootable Mac OS USB within few minutes.
  7. Then you can insert it into your Mac, hold down the option key while turn on and boot your system with this USB.

Method 2: Using PowerISO

Another disk image utility that you can use is PowerISO. It can be used for burning both ISO files and DMG files to USB to create a bootable drive. Follow the steps below to Create a Bootable Mac OS USB on Windows PC.

Step 1: Firstly Download PowerISO and install it in your Windows PC. Launch the app and insert a USB drive into your computer.

Step 2: Import the DMG / ISO file directly by clicking on ‘Burn’ in the toolbar.

Step 3: In the Burn window, select the DMG / ISO file from the Source File section.

Bootable Mac Os Iso Torrent

Step 4: You can modify the settings to adjust burn speed. The default will be set to the maximum, so you can reduce that.

Step 5: You can choose to finalize the disk and verify it. Any errors in the bootable USB will show up at that point.

Iso To Bootable Usb Mac

Step 6: Now click on “Burn” and wait for the progress bar to reach 100%.

After the successful creation of Bootable Mac OS USB, boot your Macbook from this USB drive by clicking the option button during bootup and select this USB drive.

Create Bootable Os X Usb On Windows

Watch this Video Tutorial

Mac Os Pen Drive Bootable Software

That’s it for the tutorial If you face any issues or had any query then please let us know in the comment section below. You can also send us an email via the contact us page for personalized support.