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When I started playing around with the dock I realized that I cannot customize the dock. Whenever I try to drag anything the app just moves back to its previous place. While trying to find a solution to this I also discovered that my iPad doesn’t let me go into edit mode, I.e. when I hold an app it doesn't jiggle.

The macOS Mojave Visuals. The first thing I liked very much is a dynamic desktop that changes with the time of day. In times past, there have been attempts to introduce movies as a desktop. Create powerful scripts, tools, and even apps. Open Script Editor for me. System Information. Get details about your Mac, check its warranty, and see how to free up space. Open System Information for me. Access the complete UNIX operating system in macOS. Open Terminal for me. VoiceOver Utility. Customize VoiceOver, the screen reader. In addition to Stacks, Dark Mode, a new screenshot tool and an improved Finder, MacOS Mojave has added a new element to the Dock. It now shows your three most recent apps. It now shows your three. But since installing Mojave you’ll have noticed a new area in the Dock where apps that aren’t usually found in your Dock appear and then stick around. This is the new recent applications area.


I've already tried some suggestions on other threads-resetting the device, checking to see if restriction mode is enabled, doing a forced reset-none of this worked for either problem.

Can anyone help me?

Mac Os Mojave New Apps Stay In Dock Video

iPad Mini Wi-Fi, iOS 11.2.1

Mac Os Mojave New Apps Stay In Dock Download

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