Mac Mail App Attach Vs Body Of Email

Your email should load into the email message window as an attachment. You will see it below the subject line of your email message. To confirm it attached correctly, you can double click the attachment. See this article on how to attach an email to another email in Outlook on a PC and on the Outlook Web App.

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When I attach a file to my email, why does it sometimes go in the body instead of the header?


Mac Mail App Attach Vs Body Of Email Address

Usually this has to do with the format of the email. When you send new email messages through Outlook, by default they are set to be HTML emails. However, some mail programs use Rich Text or Plain Text messaging. If you are replying to a Rich Text email, you’ll notice that the attachment goes in the body of the email. If you are replying to an HTML or Plain Text email, it will go in the Attachment line.

Mac Mail App Attach Vs Body Of Emails

To see what kind of message it is:

In Outlook 2003 you can look on the Send toolbar. At the far right end, there is a drop-down box that will say HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text.

Mac Mail App For Windows

In Outlook 2007 & 2010 look on the Options tab in the Format group.