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The new Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac software rules out unexpected storage drive failures and data loss through its live drive monitoring & reporting feature. Read on to know more.

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Storage drives have their own life span. They fail, and their failure comes without any warning. You need to proactively & routinely check your Mac storage drive with its ingrained self-monitoring analysis & reporting technology (SMART), whose basic information can be accessed through macOS Disk Utility.

Checking & Repairing Mac Drive via Disk Utility

The process to fetch SMART status and fix any corruption issues with your Mac storage drive by using Disk Utility goes like this:

Step 1. Press Command + Space Bar keys to open Spotlight. Type ‘disk utility’ and hit Return.

Step 2. In the Disk Utility window, select the Mac hard drive or the SSD from the left pane.

Step 3. Look at the S.M.A.R.T. status on the right, and if it shows Verified, then the storage drive is not failing. Else you need to fix the issue.

Step 4. To repair your failing drive, click First Aid then click Run.

Step 5. If Disk Utility cannot fix the drive, then back up and erase the drive.

Mac Disk Utility Limitations

The above manual Disk Utility method to keep a tab on your storage drive is rather tedious and does not warn you against any imminent danger about the drive’s health. Even the SMART information fetched by Disk Utility is not comprehensive. You need more information such as read/write/seek error rate, reallocated/uncorrectable sector count, temperature, and other SMART details with associated status, worst value, threshold value, and fitness percentage.

Besides, it would be best if you had real-time monitoring of your Mac storage drive that warns you in case the drive’s Temperature, Performance, and Health deteriorates. You also require the facility to surface scan your storage drive to map its bad sectors/blocks.

Why live monitor your Mac storage drive?

Storage drive failure can wipe away your years’ worth of precious data. The data can be your treasured digital memory in the form of your family pictures, personal videos, sound recordings, and so forth. It can be your business critical documents whose timely unavailability can result in loss of money, business, and reputation.

Although the new generation of storagedrives—hard drive, solid-state drive, and embedded multimedia card (eMMC)—incorporate SMART, it is neither immuneto failures nor data loss. So, it is incumbent on you to monitor the internalor connected external storage drive of your Mac by using SMART. Also, deploy TimeMachine, the macOS backup app, to safeguard against any data loss situations.

On live monitoring your Mac storage drive, you can anticipate imminent drive failure and clone the drive to another external storage drive to protect your precious data.

Live Drive Monitoring via Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac

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To complement Disk Utility, Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac now integrates an innovative safety-oriented drive monitoring module called Stellar Drive Monitor. This integration frees you from performing the regular drive checkup manually and leaving the monitoring part the automated tool. The data recovery software for Mac accomplishes its standard data with dynamic monitoring and multimedia file repairing tasks proficiently.

To monitor your storage drive, launch the latest version of Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac on your MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, or Mac Pro/mini. The main interface displays four options: Recover Data, Monitor Drive, Repair Photo, and Repair Video. Click on Monitor Drive to run Stellar Drive Monitor. This new module incorporates a slew of features, viz. Disk Status, SMART Status, Disk Partition, Scan Disk, and Clone Disk.

To enable Stellar Drive Monitor to perform background monitoring, you need to fine-tune its settings. Click the settings icon situated at the top left corner of the Stellar Drive Monitor screen. When the settings dialog box opens, from the General section, select ‘Enable at startup’ and ‘Show status in tray’ checkboxes. In the Logs section, select ‘Log events’ checkbox and provide a drive location where you need to save the log file. In the Temperature section, select ‘Enable Temperature warning’ checkbox and set warning and shutdown temperature.

And that’s it. The tool is now tuned to provide live monitoring and reporting of your connected Mac storage drive in macOS environment. If the tool senses any problem with the drive such as high drive temperature or inconsistent SMART attributes, it immediately sends a warning signal that shows up on your desktop.

Using Scan Disk to Surface Scan Storage Drive

You can use the Scan Disk functionality of the Stellar Drive Monitor module to surface scan your Mac storage drive. Click Scan Disk then select the storage drive and click Scan. Wait till the scanning process is complete.

When you get lots of red grids, then it indicates your storage drive has many bad sectors/blocks. You immediately need to back up the storage drive and replace it with a new one before it is too late. Else, it becomes quite challenging to get back your trapped data from a failed storage drive.

Cloning Severely Corrupt Mac Storage Drive

When Stellar Drive Monitor indicates the ill health of your Mac storage drive, you need to clone the drive as soon as possible to preclude data loss. First off, get a healthy storage drive with equal or more storage space than your failing drive and connect it to your Mac. Click Clone Disk then select the unhealthy storage drive as source disk and the perfect drive as the target disk. Click Clone. Wait till the cloning process is over.

Once you have cloned your failing drive, replace it with the clone drive. This way you can upkeep your storage drive.


This blog highlighted the importance of a drive monitoring tool for Mac, explained the inbuilt Disk Utility method to know the SMART status of a Mac storage drive, and jotted down the shortcoming of the Disk Utility. Then again introduced the new Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac that now has an innate ability to live monitor storage drive via Stellar Drive Monitor module.

The module keeps a check on your storagedrive to ensure a smooth and error-free operation. It provides all statisticalinformation about your storage drive along with its overall health status atany given point in time. By using the module, you can know the current DiskStatus, SMART Status, and Disk Partition.

Key Features of the Stellar DriveMonitor Module

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  • Works with any SATA/PATA hard drive,Solid-State Drive (SSD), or USB Drives
  • Operates in the background to providereal-time information of your Mac storage drive
  • Displays SMART attributes of the storagedrive and its fitness percentage
  • Performs ‘Surface Scan’ to identifybad areas on the storage drive
  • Calculates performance of the storagedrive basis user-specified test criteria
  • Gives warning messages if current diskparameters exceed its threshold limit
  • Saves detailed information about the storagedrive as ‘.txt’ file in the system
  • Provides the Clone Disk functionalityto replicate a corrupt storage drive
  • Easy to use and does not affect theperformance of Mac

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