Kindle App On Mac Computer Not Syncing

Besides a 3G Paperwhite Kindle, I usually use my iPad Pro 10.5 to read Kindle books, or in a pinch, my iPhone 6S. A couple of days ago there was an update to the iOS app which I installed. Every time I stop reading a book, I place a bookmark. And syncing across all my devices has always worked perfectly. Attach Kindle to a working USB port on your computer and turn off your Kindle completely. Now turn it back on and see if the computer detects the hardware. To restart Kindle, press and hold the power button for 40 seconds. If the restart process gets initiated, release it. Fix: Kindle not Showing up on PC. Jan 28, 2020  On your Mac, click the Book Store button at the top of the window. In the sidebar, click Featured. Under Quick Links, click Purchased. Click the Download All button in the lower-right corner. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the Settings app, tap your name iCloud and turn on both iCloud Drive and Books. Then go to Settings Books. Mar 13, 2009  Question: Q: Kindle App Not Syncing Has anyone else out there downloaded the Kindle App and tried to sync it with their Kindle 1? Mine will not sync between the two devices so I am resorted to writing down the page and finding the location each time I want to read on a different device. Though you cannot connect your Samsung Galaxy to your Kindle to sync the devices, you can sync content between the two devices through your Amazon account. Install the Kindle app.

Iphone Kindle App Not Syncing


Kindle Not Syncing With Phone

Hi Busyinatl,
Try resetting the iPhone by holding the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until you see the Apple logo as described here:
Also make sure the iPhone is updated to the latest iPhone software available, currently 2.2.1.
If the issue persists, try contacting Kindle Support via phone or checking their support site.
Inside the United States: 1-866-321-8851

Mac Kindle App Not Syncing

Mar 12, 2009 6:10 PM