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Connect to videoconferences

You can use Skype for Business to make video calls to videoconference room systems and multi-point conferences on the IU Video Bridge. For more, see ARCHIVED: Create or join a '23' video bridge conference at IU.

UITS Collaboration Technologies retired the '23' video bridge (Pexip) on December 23, 2019. This includes all conferences that begin with the prefix 23- as well as the bridge.iu.edu and uits.iu.edu/bridge sites. Zoom has replaced the Pexip videoconferencing service; for more about moving your virtual meetings to Zoom, see Get started with Zoom.

While it is not possible to migrate a 23- conference number to the Zoom service, you can customize your Zoom Personal Meeting ID; for more, see What is Personal Meeting ID (PMI) and Personal Link?

Examples of possible video calls:

Conferencing Software Free

  • Connect to Video Bridge 231820: Enter [email protected], and then right-click the contact that appears and select Start a Video Call.
  • Connect to the videoconference room system calledBl-uits-cib-125: Enter [email protected], and then right-click the contact that appears and select Start a Video Call.
  • Connect to an E.164 number: Enter <e.164>@vc.iu.edu (replacing <e.164> with the E.164 number to which you want to connect), and then right-click the contact that appears and select Start a Video Call.
  • Connect to the copybird, a toy parrot that repeats whatyou say: Enter [email protected], and then right-click the contact that appears and select Start a Video Call. (This allows you to test your equipment.)
Ip Video Conferencing Software Mac

About the presence status of a conference or room

Presence status indicators are not always accurate for certain @vc.iu.edu addresses. For instance, a search for [email protected] will always show as offline, even though the call can be completed. On the other hand, green (Available) status merely indicates that the particular endpoint is registered to the vc.iu.edu gatekeeper/SIP registrar server. A system may display Available status when it is actually in a video call with another system.

Bandwidth and resolution

Because of a technical limitation, video calls to any @vc.iu.edu address have a maximum resolution of 320x240 CIF resolution.

video calls to any @vc.iu.edu address currently consume 384 Kbps bandwidth. You cannot modify this speed.

Share your screen

Participants using videoconferencing room systems can present their computer images to the videoconference.

Ip Video Conferencing Software Mac Free

Because of a software limitation, participants cannot present computer images to @vc.iu.edu addresses using the Share button.

Find a videoconferencing room or Video Bridge

H.323 room systems are not part of Active Directory, and therefore do not appear in the Exchange Global Address List. To find the system name of the videoconferencing room system you wish to call or to reserve a videoconferencing room, see Reserve a videoconferencing room at IU.

Invite multiple contacts at once

In , to instantly create a multi-point call between individuals, you can select multiple contacts, and then right-click and select Start a Conference Call or Start a Video Call.

Unfortunately, an H.323 room system or a Video Bridge conference cannot join a conference call that you create using this method. If you need to mix and videoconference room systems in a call, use the IU Video Bridge.

Get help

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Learning Spaces Support ([email protected], 812-856-2020).

To learn how to perform common tasks in Skype for Business, see UniCom. Also, see Skype for Business help center.