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Huawei Health provides professional sports guidance for your sport(Phones with Android 4.4.4 and above are supported, but the RAM need to be greater than 2G). Support walking, running, cycling mode, record running track, heart rate, trajectory, with speed and other sports data. Support from 5 km to the marathon running training program. With Huawei Wear APP data integration, to. Mar 21, 2018  ‎Huawei Health is an integrated Huawei wearable product application data and services, to provide users with a complete, consistent, convenient experience. Currently able to support Huawei Talkband series, and more wearable products will be supported later For Huawei Health APP.

Besides keeping track of your steps and calories, fitness bands can track your sleep pattern too. And, they do an incredible job at it. The sleep pattern is recorded automatically. You only need to keep the band tied to your wrist during the night. Then, the next day, you can see the data on your phone. However, for some Honor Band users, sleep tracking doesn’t work.

Strangely, their sleep data is recorded on their band, but it doesn’t get transferred to the app even though everything else works fine. If you are going through the same issue for any of your Honor bands such as Band 3, 4, or 5, you should try the solutions mentioned below.

Let’s check various ways to fix Honor Band sleep data not syncing.

1. Restart

Your troubleshooting process should begin with a simple reboot. You need to restart both your phone and band. To reboot your phone, simply turn it off and then turn it on again.

To restart your Honor Band, follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap on the band to light it up.

Step 2: Swipe up to cycle through various options. Tap on More.

Step 3: Again, swipe up. Tap on System.

Step 4: Tap on Restart.

2. Check Necessary Conditions

If you are trying to check the sleep data for the current night before 6 a.m., you will not see it. That’s because the sleep data will sync only after 6 a.m. Similarly, make sure you have sufficient charge on your band. If the battery is low, charge it.

3. Turn off Bluetooth

As Bluetooth is necessary for proper syncing of data from the band to your phone, you should turn it off on your phone to fix any issue. Then, enable it again.

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4. Enable TruSleep

Honor Band 3, 4, or 5 provide extensive information about sleep. If only that is missing, you should toggle the switch for TruSleep. However, switching on the TruSleep function is known to consume more power on Honor Band 3.

To do so, launch the Huawei Health app on your phone. Tap on Devices at the bottom and select your band. Then, tap on Huawei TruSleep. If it’s off, turn it on. In case it is on, turn it off and then enable again.

5. Update App

Many times, the issue occurs due to a bug in the Huawei Health app. To fix that, you will need to update the app. For that, open Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iPhone). Look for the Huawei Health app. Tap on Update if available. Once updated, restart your phone and band. The sleep data will start to sync.

Pro Tip: Developers keep on pushing new updates frequently. Know how to find out if an update is available for your installed apps on Android and iPhone.

6. Uninstall App

If no update is available or updating doesn’t fix it, you should delete the app from your phone. Doing so will not remove your existing synced data from the app. You will only have to log in again with the same account to see the previous data.

You can delete the app on Android in many ways. One of the simplest methods that works on all phones is to open the Play Store. Look for Huawei Health. Tap on Uninstall.

Tip: Check out 3 ways to remove unused apps on Android.

Huawei Health App For Pc

On iPhone, long-press the Huawei Health app icon on the home screen until it starts wiggling. Then, tap on the cross symbol on the app. Check out other ways to delete apps on the iPhone and iPad.

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7. Update App Using APK (Android)


After following the above solutions, if the sleep data still doesn’t sync, you can install the app using its APK file. You either have to downgrade or upgrade the Huawei Health app from the current version. For that, first, uninstall the current version of the Huawei Health app.

Then, install a suitable APK (either an older version or a newer) from a reliable source such as You will have to grant security permission to install the APK file as you are installing it outside the Play Store. Once installed, restart the phone and band to sync the changes.

8. Clear Cache and Data (Android)

You can also try clearing the cache and data for the Huawei Health app on your Android phone. For that, open Settings on your phone and go to Apps > Huawei Health. Tap on Storage. Then, tap on Clear cache followed by Clear data or storage.

9. Reset Band

Lastly, if nothing works, you should reset your band. However, doing that will remove any customizations you have made on your band. And, if the data wasn’t synced, it will also be removed.

There are two ways to reset your Honor Band. You can either do it from the band or your phone. Here are the steps for both the methods.

Reset Honor Band Without Phone

Step 1: Tap once on the band to activate it.

Step 2: Swipe down multiple times. Tap on More.

Step 3: Swipe down to reach System. Tap on it.

Step 4: Tap on Reset. Confirm on the next screen.

Reset Honor Band Using Phone

For that, launch the Huawei Health app on your phone. Tap on Devices at the bottom and choose your band.

Scroll down and tap on Unpair.

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Tips for Best Results

You can also try turning off battery optimization or battery saver mode for the Huawei Health app so that it works without any interruptions. On phones running MIUI, you should give the app autostart permissions under Settings > Permissions. Alternatively, open the Recent apps screen and tap on the Lock icon to stop the app from closing.

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The new Huawei Watch GT 2 is a chic smartwatch. The GT 2 powered by the Kirin A1 chipset and an array of sensors to track your workout. And well, it packs both smartness and looks that blends well with both business and casual attire.

If you have recently bought the Huawei Watch GT 2, here a few nifty tips and tricks to get the most out of this smartwatch. Let's get going.


Huawei Watch GT 2

Check out the Huawei Watch GT 2 if you haven't already.

1. Mute the Activity Assistant

By now, you must know that the Huawei Watch GT 2 is designed to track a variety of exercises, including walking, running, elliptical, and rowing, among others. But, I find the built-in assistant's voice to be a tad too loud. It's loud enough to let you and your fellow runners know that you are about to start an exercise. Bummer!

Thankfully, the voice assistant's volume is tweakable as per your liking. And if you want, you can even mute it.

To disable the voice, start a random workout from the workout screen and tap on the Top button to pause the workout.

You will now see a volume icon. Tap on it to lower the volume or even mute it. From now on, the coach's voice won't bother you anymore.

2. Enable Always on Display

The Watch GT2 doesn't have a traditional Always on Display feature. And if you have disabled the 'Raise Wrist' feature, then it becomes a real pain to check the time. Well, you can always press the Up button, but then hey, it's supposed to be a smartwatch, remember?

Luckily, there's a small workaround in the form of the Standby watch face feature. This one does what its name describes — be on standby. So that when your smartwatch's display is in the sleep mode, you'll still be able to check the time.

To enable it, head over to Display > Advanced, and scroll down to tap on Standby watch face.

Select the style and the color, and that's about it.

Next time your GT 2 goes to sleep, this watch face will get active. Cool, right?

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3. It's Show Time

Need the smartwatch's screen to stay on for a brief duration? Pull down the overhead menu and tap on Show Time icon, as shown in the screenshot below.

Your GT 2's display will remain on for 10 minutes. Cool, right?

Pro Tip: df

4. Customize the Down Button

By default, the down button brings up the workout app. However, if you are not a fitness freak, this button may remain unused. So what do you do?

Luckily, it can be customized. The Huawei Watch GT 2 lets you select from a few actions such as Timer, Call Logs, Contacts, Weather, among others.

To change the down button function, go to Settings > Down button, and pick a function from the list. From now on, whenever you press the button, the new function will be triggered.

On my Watch GT 2, I've remapped the Contacts function.

Then I proceeded to add favorite contacts via the Huawei Health app. Now, it's incredibly easy to initiate a call.

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5. Use Your GT 2 Like a Portable Music-Playing Device

Local storage on the Watch GT 2 means that you'll be able to upload your favorite songs to the smartwatch. One of the main advantages is that you can leave your phone behind when you go for your runs. All you need to do is pair your wireless Bluetooth earphones.

The GT 2 can hold up to 500 songs, and the process of adding songs is pretty straightforward. To do so, open the Huawei Health app on your phone and select Music > Manage Music. Next, select Add songs and pick the songs you want to add.

Since the transferring process uses Bluetooth to transfer music, it may take a fair amount of time, depending on the number of songs. On the upside, it works in the background, and you can continue with the rest of your work.

Though the mono speaker on the right edge is quite loud, the odds are that you may want to connect your Bluetooth earphones.

To do so, open Settings in your smartwatch and select Earbuds. Tap on Pair to start the scan for the buds. And well, you know the rest of the story.

Apart from the above, you can also use the Watch GT 2 to control music playback on your smartphone. Once you launch a music streaming app like Apple Music or Spotify on your phone, the GT 2 will show all the controls.

6. Sync Data With Google Fit

Do you want to hold on to your health data no matter which phone you switch to? If yes, syncing your fitness data with Google Fit is the way to go forward.

For now, the Huawei Health lets you sync data with Google Fit and MyFitnessPal. To link the accounts, select Me >Data sharing > Google Fit and select your Google account, which you want to connect.


At present, the Huawei Health app doesn't require any sign-in or log-ins. In such a situation, it becomes quite easy to lose data when you switch phones or when you uninstall the said app. Hence, it makes sense to sync some of the data with apps like Google Fit.

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7. Enable TruSleep

The Huawei Watch GT 2 packs Huawei's TruSleep feature. As suggestive of its name, it monitors your sleep and helps to track and improve your sleeping habits. Apart from informing you about your sleeping habits, it also shows how long was your light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep.

But as you may have guessed, it's not enabled by default. You'd need to do so from the Huawei Health app. All you need to do is open the Details page on the app and enable Huawei TruSleep.

From next time, you will be able to see how you sleep and methods to improve it.

Get Fit!

Apart from the above, you can also customize the phone's notification so that they do not distract you from your job. Plus, options like Smart Alarm and Event Alarm do their job in keeping you punctual. More importantly, you can always switch between different watch faces on the go.

So, what is your favorite Watch GT 2 feature? I wished that it came with more widgets and screens so that I didn't have to open the Health app. What about you?

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The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.

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