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GoPro has joined the growing number of camera makers allowing their hardware to be used as webcams. With a new version of the GoPro Webcam desktop utility, GoPro Hero 8 users can now use their device as a 1080p wide-angle Mac webcam.

You can connect the Hero 8 Black to your Mac using the Webcam desktop utility app and a USB-C cable. Here’s how GoPro explains the process:

Apr 15, 2012  I downloaded the update for my camera, installed it and also installed the app for my Mac. When I plug my camera in, it goes to USB mode but in the app it says no camera connected. I have reinstalled everything, but to no avail. Suggestions and solutions please. It is connected to my Mac.

  1. Install the beta camera firmware onto your HERO8 Black.
  2. Install the new GoPro Webcam desktop utility onto your computer.
  3. Plug your HERO8 Black into your computer with any USB-C cable (the one that came with your GoPro, for example).
  4. Once logged into a compatible video conference application, simply choose GoPro from the list of available camera sources and you’re good to go!

Once you have the GoPro app set up, you can then access your Hero 8 Black through all of your favorite video chat services, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Discord, and Bluejeans. GoPro also notes that it works with Webex, Skype, Facebook Rooms, Messenger, and Slack, but you have to access those through Chrome.

Gopro App For Desktop

Finally, the Hero 8 Black can also be used for live streaming to YouTube and to start a new movie recording with QuickTime.

Gopro App For Macbook Air

The image quality of the GoPro Hero 8 as a Mac webcam won’t be as good as something like a Fuijifilm or Canon DSLR. Nonetheless, it will be a major and notable upgrade compared to your Mac’s built-in FaceTime camera, plus you get the traditional GoPro wide-angle field of view.


If you’re a GoPro Hero 8 owner, you can get started with the GoPro Webcam desktop utility by downloading it from here. If this is the excuse you need to order a GoPro Hero 8, they are currently in stock on Amazon.

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