Free Video Drm Removal Software For Mac

How to do DRM removal on PC and Mac? Most people generally come across DRM when they are prevented from playing their iTunes music or videos on other applications. Obviously, DRM, so-called Digital Rights Management, stands as the culprit of such prevention. And now it seems urgent and required to searching for some effective DRM converters.

So today, we are going to review 6 best DRM removal software, helping you easily remove DRM protection from multiple media such as video, audiobook, music, and eBook, etc.

Part 1. Video DRM Removal

Here you'll find 2 DRM media converters that do a great help in Video DRM removal.

Here we would like to introduce 3 free software to remove DRM protection. These 3 free DRM removal software are the best free DRM removal software for eBooks, music, video, and audiobooks you could get in the market. Calibre is a powerful and easy to use e-book manager. It’s totally free DRM removal software for eBooks fans to remove.

#1 Requiem DRM Remover (Freeware)

One of the engages in quality maintenance and ensure no quality loss in the course of free DRM Removal progress. Further, meanwhile, the tracks and other attached files in the video can also be reserved.


1. It's totally free of charge.

2. Removing DRM for music or eBooks are also available.

3. Nondestructive removal is provided.

  1. Drm removal free download - DNSChanger Removal Tool, Flashback Removal Tool, Boonana Trojan Horse Removal Tool, and many more programs.
  2. Compared to DRM Converter for Mac, functionality of DRM Video Converter is relatively simple. The main purpose of this software is to remove DRM protection from iTunes movies and TV shows. But the best thing about this software is, while removing DRM protection, it can convert purchased or rented iTunes movies into MP4 format without quality loss.


1. Slower speed

2. iTunes 10.7 or higher versions are not compatible with.

#2 DRmare M4V Converter

Another DRM remove tool is DRmare M4V Converter, from whose name we can notice that it also can convert the video formats while removing DRM protection from iTunes movies. It also features intuitive interfaces for users who are not very familiar with the operations.


1. Apart from remove DRM, Video formats conversion is also supported.

2. The conversion speed is 30X faster than any other current DRM media converters.

3. Versions for Mac and Windows are provided.

4. Compatibility with latest iTunes is equipped.

5. Easy to use: only needs 4 steps.


1. Audio files are not supported. Instead, DRmare provides another tool for iTunes DRM removal Mac and PC towards Apple music.

2. Cost required.

Part 2. Audio/Music DRM Removal

Following the video, music ranks at the second place of DRM removal. Indeed, the realization of listening to loved music everywhere is deemed as a kind of pleasance. Next, 2 DRM removal tool are offered for achieving your delight.

#3 Myfairtunes (Freeware)

If you want to remove DRM with a safe tool that directly connected with iTunes, Myfairtunes would be your best choice. This DRM removal freeware is available for editing audio files directly in Library of iTunes and helps you remove music DRM in a quick and easy way.

Updated: No Mac version provided.


1. Free of charge for Music DRM removal.

2. Users can search DRM music in the entire collection.

3. Less memory is needed for application storage.


1. DRM removal for other files is cost-needed.

2. Auto files conversion only.

3. Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 is needed.

4. Slower removal speed.

5. Not compatible with latest iTunes (Only iTunes 7.5.0 or earlier versions)

#4 DRmare Audio Converter

DRmare Audio Converter, an iTunes DRM audio converter, is under the same group but with a different focus on iTunes Music DRM decryption and audio files conversion. It's the best DRM removal software for Mac and PC.


1. Multiple audio formats are supported.

2. Handy operations are designed for all kinds of users.

3. Both of the converting and DRM removal functions are steady and reliable.

4. Cost-effective than similar converters on the market


1. Users need to pay some for availing to its all service.

Free Video Drm Removal Software For Mac Pc

Part 3. E-Book DRM Removal

Reading has been one of the most popular recreations during the commute. But DRM also penetrates into eBooks. So, it is also a required need for DRM removal from eBook. As nowadays people tend to adopt professional readers to read, but still there're audiences like you prefer to get DRM-removed eBooks.

so here we will introduce one type of software for eBook DRM removal.

#5 Calibre DeDRM Plugin

Although Calibre DeDRM Plugin seems to be out-of-date software, it is efficient in e-Book DRM removal for Mac. Such software also provides service of converting your eBooks into other formats.


1.Totally free of charge.

2. Removing DRM on Mac.


1. The operations are not so easy that you may get confused about it.

2. More computer know-how is needed when using this tool.

Part 4. All-around DRM Removal

As music, video or even eBooks play a really important part in our leisure time and it is a trouble to install exclusive software for each. So, you need a comprehensive and all-inclusive software to satisfy various needs. This time Leawo Prof. DRM is recommended as the best DRM removal software on Mac and Windows.

Leawo Prof. DRM is a DRM remover for very kind of files like music, video, etc., and the separate briefings for each sector are set out as below:

1. Video

This sector focuses on video files, offering DRM removal and video conversions mainly between M4V in iTunes to MP4 formats. For DRM remove, speed of 50X faster can be and there is no quality loss, e.g. convert iTunes movie to MP4 and remove DRM. More importantly, the tracks and subtitles are maintained after the progress.

2. Audiobook

It's lucky if you are an Audiobook lover because DRM Audiobook Converter will bring you terrific services such as removing DRM from audiobooks and convert it into non-DRM Mp3 files without any quality loss. Also, you can customize the channel, bit rate and other details as you like.


3. Music

Like any other music DRM converter Mac/PC, Prof. DRM Music Converter provides the same functions but with fast speed. Music safety can also be secured during DRM removal, including Apple music and Amazon prime music. If you have any other detailed requirement on audio edition, such software can meet your needs.


4. Spotify Music

Spotify is another music bowl for all music lovers. For Spotify supporters, Prof. DRM Spotify Converter can bring what they need from removing DRM from music files to convert audio files to other suitable formats while downloading Spotify playlist. Further, the users do not need to be disturbed by endless advertisements from the original sources because the ads will be cleaned automatically in the progress.

5. eBook

Continuously, if you hope the above functions workable for eBooks, Leawo Prof. DRM will make them come true. For Amazon Kindle (epub), Kobo, Adobe, etc DRM removal on Mac/PC, the sector of Prof. DRM eBook Converter can help you conduct a DRM removal from your desired files. Also, diverse formats of eBooks are available to convert, and the fastest speed is also committed.

The Bottom Line

Well, we've reviewed and listed the above best 6 DRM removal software. In my opinion, the last comprehensive software is the best choice. After all, it can deal with many kinds of files in one tool. Of course, if you don't have a regular need for DRM removal, just don't mind choosing separate software to solve your problem.

In a word, I hope this post will be helpful to you. Hope to see your comment below. See you next time!