File Sync Software Mac Review

The advantages of keeping files backup and time-to-time synchronization of significant folders are well-known. However, manual back up could be tiring and complicated and therefore, we need sync software that automatically takes backup of your files and synchronize it locally between laptops, external drives, servers and smartphones. In this blog, we will introduce you the best file sync software that is currently available in the market.

  1. Best File Sync Software Mac

Best File Sync Software

1. GoodSync

Top-Rated File Sync Software If you’re someone who uses multiple computers and devices for work, school or fun, you know what a headache it is to keep your files up-to-date in all locations. GoodSync’s File Sync feature ensures that folders in two or more separate locations contain identical up-to-date files. File Synchronizer is folder synchronization utility used to update work files shared in two different computers. No more concern about copying and pasting. Available for Mac and Windows, Mozy Sync is a web-based file synchronization app that makes replica of files data and rebuilds it in emergency situations. This is the best sync software for taking backups of all your work and one can backup data from up to three computers. The Egnyte platform provides secure file sync and share with more IT control and better data security without compromising ease of use. Egnyte is a unified platform for all of your files which eliminates the expense of multiple data silos, which also minimizes IT efforts. The cost of a file sync software depends on its deployment and features & integrations it offers. There are many file sync software available at monthly, yearly, and one-time charges. For example, DocRaid is available at only $10/month, but at the same time, GoodSync is available at $49.95/month.

As its name suggests, it is one of the most top-notch sync software and beats every other file synchronization software in terms of powerful file backup and sync. From centralized management and file synchronization reports to data backup and synchronization solutions, GoodSync control center offers solutions for every system or data source. GoodSync automatically identify and synchronize deletion, creation and all other changes required by the customer in files, subfolders and folders.

2. ViceVersa Pro

The best sync software in the market that also offers the best antivirus in the market. ViceVersa is not only acknowledged for file synchronization and backups but it can replicate folders and can also compare files and folders. This time-saving and innovative file synchronization software schedules synchronization automatically. And you can preview the results in advance or modify the action, depending upon the requirement. ViceVersa let users backup their data and sync files according to their preference.

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3. FreeFileSync

Available for Linux, Mac and Windows, File syncing tools examines your data, separate files that are frequently used and makes extra copies of the backup. This file synchronization software is easy to install, has convenient set-up process and offers trouble-free usage. Just plug-in and files will start synchronizing automatically, delivering a hassle-free work mode. However, managing large files or information is time-taking and slow.

4. Mozy Sync

Available for Mac and Windows, Mozy Sync is a web-based file synchronization app that makes replica of files data and rebuilds it in emergency situations. This is the best sync software for taking backups of all your work and one can backup data from up to three computers. Mozy can take backups from computers that have undergone factory reset and save yourself from losing every essential data. Its one-click restore option and automatic incremental backup are the highlights. However, this tool is best for personal use and may work inefficiently for business projects. Also, this software is little expensive especially when Microsoft and Google are offering same storage facility at cheaper rates.

5. Allway Sync

Allway Sync falls into the category of one of the best sync software as it automatically discovers folders that are deleted from one device and then it deletes those folders from any equivalent synchronization devices. It is equipped with Cloud file synchronization system that syncs big and large folders between desktops, tablets, laptops and USB drivers. For personal use, the software is available for free while for commercial use, one must buy the Pro version. The best part of this software is that it efficiently manages syncing to portable hard drives, cloud drives, systems and networks. Allway Sync let you manage both work and personal files in Dropbox simultaneously on a single computer. However, one might face problems while syncing enormous files.

6. SugarSync

This software is extremely convenient to use and is comparatively more spontaneous than other file-syncing software. It can also recover up to five former versions of folders. But, it is high-priced and doesn’t offer real-time collaboration. Apart from sluggish online backup, SugarSync has no personal encryption key for online backups. In comparison to other best sync software, SugarSync doesn’t offer free account trial and is awfully problematic to cancel an account. Though the software is highly spontaneous and offers simple installation process but it’s not economical and lacks privacy features and collaboration.

Best File Sync Software Mac

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So, this was the list of best file sync software available in the existing market. Do you have any specific favorites which are on or off this list? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Best file sync software for mac

If you are looking for a data sharing platform which is fast and easy to use then you have landed on the right page as in this page we are discussing about Resilio Sync. Resilio Sync uses Bit Torrent’s peer to peer technology to find out shortest path for fast data transfer. This software is specially designed for large data transfer and can also work smoothly with local network in case of no internet. Let us discuss more about it in below part of the post.

Resilio Sync Windows 10 Software


  • Resilio Sync Windows 10 Software
    • Resilio Sync Features
      • Resilio Sync, Pro

Resilio Sync makes it users to transfer huge files from one device to another device directly. Unlike other services of the same type this one transfer data directly without any uploading to any cloud service. It is available for almost all devices like Windows, Linux, OS X, NAS devices, etc. Its mobile applications are also available through which users can transfer photos, songs, videos, etc. to any other device. (In this post we give demo of its Android app).

Resilio Sync Features

Here are some features of Resilio read these points carefully.

1. It uses Bit Torrent’s peer to peer technology for file transfer through the shortest path.

2. It uses the local network in case of no of internet.

3. No uploading of files to the cloud is done. In fact, through it, users can create their own private cloud. ( Through one device to another directly)

4. It is available for most of the platforms.

5. It encrypts data while transferring it hence there is no fear of any cyber crime.

6. It comes with No Storage limit so that users can sync unlimited data.

7. File Permission options are also provided through which users can grant permission like Read only or Read and Write only.

8. Special Intelligent Synchronization option is also available through which users can edit file and sync update that part of a file rather than the whole file.

9. It supports almost all types of file formats.

Resilio Sync, Pro

Its a free tool to use but its pro version is also available, which is a paid tool. Read below points carefully to get more idea what are you getting in paid version.

How to use this software for secure data transfer ?

If you are still confused with its working, then don’t worry as in this part of the post we are transferring data from Windows 10 laptop to Android mobile phone.

(Note: We are taking about Resilio Sync Individual version in this post)

1. First of all install from their official website or from this link PC and Android Phone.

2. Open Resilio Sync on your PC. You will get the following screen.

3. From home screen, you can add a folder (which contain files).

4. Now click on share file and choose a method of sharing (through shareable link, bar code or Key). We are using scanning of barcode here.


5. After that, you will get the following screen on your device.

6. Choose the file you want to transfer.

7. That’s it you will get the file in lighting speed.

Final Thoughts

We are wrapping up here only with some pros and cons which we noticed while transferring data. Read below points carefully and take action accordingly.


1. It is free software.

2. It is very easy to use. Regular users can also easily understand its working within few minutes.

3. Data transfer rate is very high and you can even schedule the transfer with capping speed as you wish.

4. Various sharing options are available like scan, through a link or key making this tool more user-friendly.

5. Responsive customer support is a big pro.


Sorry but we didn’t find any con while using it. It works smoothly on our devices, and data transfer rate was also pretty good.

As you can see from above points, there are no cons with it, and because of this only you should try it once. Resilio Sync followed strict policies and promised not to sell any users data to any other organization hence there is no threat to your privacy. Download it to transfer files and share your experience with other us through likes, comments and share.

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