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Hi all,

I had my Elk setup for a bit, then decided to relocate it so I took it down. Then it sat in my office for about a year before I actually did the relocation and is now hooked up again. I had a heck of a time trying to get the M1XEP to communicate. The same ethernet cable was no longer working. Well, I could ping it just fine with not a single dropped packet and responses all 1ms, but ElkRP would time out with: System did not respond. Connection may have been terminated'. So, I tried diagnosing various things, you know, the typical. New network cables, bypass switches, direct connect, yaddi yaddi. Sometimes it would work, most time it would 'System did not respond'. (A similar message when accessing it via a browser too. I could bring up the interface, but then I'd get the same message when attempting to enter the java page.) All the while, pings were fine.

Then, all of a sudden, nothing. No pings, no response. This was on one of the various configurations of switches/network-cables that had been somewhat reliably working. Reboot [switch Elk M1XEP], reboot reboot reboot. Nothing. I did a 'find' on the M1XEP setup and... there was my M1XEP -- but with a different MAC address! The first 6 digits of the MAC are the same, the last 4 changed and do not match the sticker on the M1XEP chip. I thought for sure this M1XEP (that has maybe 1 month's use on it but is over a year old now) was bad, and who knows: it still may be... But, I rolled with it, and used that MAC. I assigned it the same IP as before. Viola, things started working. And reliably. And... ready for this? On the old Ethernet cable and through the same switches as it was working on a year ago but all of a sudden stopped working on... Heck, now the M1XEP/Elk can't find a cable/switch it doesn't like! It has been working reliably now for about a week. I keep expecting it to fail and having to order a new M1XEP or something, but so far, so good.

Use your smartphone, tablet, Amazon device or computer to listen to Audible audiobooks. Elk‐RP Software Programming. Opening Elk‐RP Software. Double click on the RP icon on your desktop 2. The first box tells you the version of Elk‐RP software you have. The next screen is the Accounts Folder main page. All of your accounts and folders with accounts will be displayed. ELK Stack is designed to allow users to take to data from any source, in any format, and to search, analyze, and visualize that data in real time. ELK provides centralized logging that be useful when attempting to identify problems with servers or applications. It allows you to search all your logs in a single place.

So... Umm... Ya. Heh!

Just thought I'd share in case this helps someone in the future as I didn't see any posts like this one except an unanswered post on the installers Elk forums that went unanswered of someone else who had a M1XEP MAC Address change. Even though I'm cruising along now, I suppose there is a question here too: anyone ever seen anything like this? Or just a generic question: thoughts?


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