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Project management software is used by project managers to map out all the activities that will go into an entire cycle of the project. There are many free project management software downloads that are available on the internet and based on the project management software review the best ones can be chosen. Some of the open source project management software will have many tools that can be used for advanced planning and will help in making the entire project very visible and easy to follow.

Zoho Projects – comprehensive project management tool to plan, track and collaborate on your Mac with direct MPP imports. Zoho Projects is an award-winning project management software and collaboration tool from Zoho. It offers flexibility and customization options to suit the needs of traditional project managers as well as agile teams. Manage your wide range of projects and programs by meeting crucial deadlines, selecting the right resources, and empowering your teams. Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Free to tryVIEW → Analyze.



So, whether you need simple project management software for the Mac or something more complex, you're bound to find it on this list. What to Look for in Mac Project Management Software. There are lots of options, so choosing the right project management software can be challenging. It's important to make sure that it meets your needs.

This premium software can be used by project managers in different businesses to gain and insight into the working of the project. The workflow can be managed and communication will be enhanced due to increased level of transparency. Different teams like marketing, creative, project management, product development, etc. will be able to use this for creating the projects and achieving the milestones.

Oct 17, 2019  OmniPlan is created by OmniGroup, a company specializing in creating Mac and iOS apps. It’s a great project management tool for Mac, as it’s packed with great features, including Gantt charts, drag and drop support, task grouping, network diagrams, critical paths and much more. Dec 18, 2019  The Best Project Management Software for 2020. If your teams juggle deadlines, resources, and deliverables, you need a dedicated project management tool.

Citrix Podio

This premium software can be used to map out all the status meeting and reduce reporting. The teams will be able to move forward to achieve the deadlines and all the details regarding the project like files and conversations can all be stored in one place. An overview of the entire project can be obtained easily so that the team will be able to stay focused and react better to the changes.


This premium software can be used by the various teams to reduce unwanted meetings, emails, and all other complicated things when dealing with multiple products. It will provide a secure online space for collaboration and everyone is notified when any change is made to the project. The dashboard can be used for gaining a level of transparency.

Gantt Project for Windows

This Windows software can be used for free to schedule and manage projects. It is easy to create tasks and assign milestones to the products so that the teams will know about the start and end dates of the project along with the important milestones. Dependency between the different tasks can be created and baselines can be set.

Project Management for Android

This free Android app can be used by the teams for various purposes like project communication, feasibility study, time management and quality management. It will be able to help you with the role of the project manager in strategic planning and human resource management. Procuring will be easy and plans for the business and proposals can be drawn.

Project Management Software for Mac

This free Mac software can be used for viewing the status of the project and gaining a knowledge about what should be completed for the day. The activities assigned to the colleagues can be managed and messages can be sent to the teams.


This premium software will help the various teams in reducing the time that is spent on managing the process. It will be easy to assign resources, track the time spent and reschedule the projects easily. Quoting and invoicing will be easy when using this software.

Easy Project Management Software For Mac Pro

How to Install Project Management Software?

Most of the project management software that are available online can be used on the internet or can be downloaded. For the software that has to be used online, the website should be compatible with the software and an active internet connection is required. When using the software that has to be downloaded, it is advisable to use the trial version first to see if the software will be compatible with the system. After that, the full version can be downloaded either as a free or premium version. You can also see Project Scheduling Software

This software will have many features like dashboard, timeline and collaboration tools to make the viewing of project status very easy. Some of the software will give the users an option for mobility so it can be used on mobile devices. Tasks can be managed easily and timesheets can be used to track the amount of time that each employee has put into finishing the assigned tasks.

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Easy Project Management Software For Mac Free

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