Do I Have 32 Bit Apps On My Mac

In a recent blog post, my colleague Kayla Myrhow did an excellent job explaining the 32-bit application issue for users who are considering or have already moved to macOS® Catalina. In this post, I’ll show you how to set up your Mac® to continue to run 32-bit apps. You can do this either before or after you upgrade to macOS Catalina.

  1. Do I Have 32 Bit Apps On My Mac Computer

There are only two steps, but it does take about 45 minutes to complete this setup:

Without installing any third-party software, you can search your Mac to find which apps are 32-bit. To do this, choose the Apple menu, then About this Mac. Click System Report, then scroll down and select Applications. The rightmost column header is 64-bit (Intel). Click this header to sort applications. To uninstall apps from your Mac, launch App Cleaner & Uninstaller → select outdated, unneeded 32-bit apps → click Uninstall → click Remove to confirm their deletion. Remember to empty the Trash bin, as by default all recently-deleted apps are moved there. Do not be upset if you have to uninstall some of the apps on your Mac. Apple has already barred new 32-bit apps from placement in its Mac App Store (it did so starting in January) and was to require 'app updates and existing apps' in the e-market to be 64-bit as of.

  1. Create a Parallels Desktop® for Mac virtual machine and install an older Mac operating systemin it.
  2. Install the 32-bit apps you wantinto this new virtual machine.

I made a videoof this entire process—I edited out the boring parts but left all the essentialsteps. The end result is the 5-minute video below. For this video, I chosemacOS High Sierra as the older Mac OS, but you could install Mojave, Sierra oralmost any older Mac OS. I also chose the Office for Mac 2011 suite as the32-bit application, because several users have told me that it contains the setof 32-bit apps that they most want to run in Catalina.

Do I Have 32 Bit Apps On My Mac Computer

After you finish this setup, you will be able to run 32-bit apps on your Mac running macOS Catalina.

Try Parallels Desktop for free for 14 days and run 32-bit apps on your Mac.

Let us know inthe comments which 32-bit apps you need to run on macOS Catalina and how thisis working out for you.