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Go to the Accounts system preference, click on the lock icon and enter in your user ID and password so you can make changes, click Login Options, and in the 'Automatic Login' pulldown change it to your account or to Off, whichever you prefer.
I would suggest you remove that former user's account, unless there's some reason you need to keep it. You never know what sort of cruft or problems might be lurking. I actually usually advise anyone purchasing a used computer to erase the drive completely and reinstall the OS, just to make sure you're not inheriting someone else's problems or, in an extreme case, some malware such as a keylogger.

Jun 24, 2010 7:10 AM

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Feb 04, 2010  Last week, we featured 100 free software for your WIndows. This week, as promised, we roll out the 100 free software for Mac OS X. We have spent a great deal of time sourcing these software for all of you. So if you love the list, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Jun 06, 2014  This video will show you how to set a default Startup Disk in OS X. For this guide and many more see. Mac OS X (10.11 El Capitan) - Format Drives with Disk Utility - Duration: 4:52.