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  • Top 4 payroll software programs for Mac. We compared the best payroll software that works with a Mac, and is available to businesses in the UK. We found that the best payroll software for Mac computers comes from Mitrefinch, SageOne, Xero, and Iris. Let’s see why. Best Mac-compatible payroll software.
  • Payroll Manager is a comprehensive, easy to use, HMRC recognised RTI compliant payroll software package used by thousands of SME’s, agents, accountants and CIS Contractors across the UK. In the first 6 months of tax year 2018-19, more than 1.5 million RTI submissions were successfully filed through our software. Features to support Automatic Enrolment of Workplace Pensions, such as direct.
  • MyCIS online Construction Industry Scheme Software. CIS construction industry scheme for subcontractors. MyCIS is available as an option within MyPAYE online payroll and allows you to run basic CIS with full online verification and submissions. MyCIS is quick and easy to set up and simple to use and costs just £1 per person paid per month.

Have you got a Mac, and you’re not sure which company offers payroll software?

Did you know that many payroll software providers offer software that is specifically compatible with your Mac?

When it comes to payroll software for Mac, you can have simple-to-use software with all the tools you need – and more. Make sure you look for cloud-based or online payroll software and check user reviews. Several payroll software systems will give you a free trial. Mac payroll software can calculate salaries and wages for your employees, withhold the right amount for taxes and benefits, enable direct deposit into worker bank accounts, generate necessary reports and more. Mac payroll software, or payroll software for Mac, simply refers to those solutions that can run on Apple’s OS X operating system.

In this guide, you’ll find out what you need to know about payroll software for your Mac device, including the different software available and their customer reputation.

Let’s go!

What’s in this guide?

Top 7 Payroll Software for Mac

1. MHR

Type: Payroll software

Type of contract: Bespoke

Available services: Payroll services

Google Score: 5/5

MHR has been around since the 1980s, with a rich development they are now a well-recognised company in the payroll industry, with HR services as well as providing payroll software.

By utilising MHR’s web-based software, you can benefit from being able to access your payroll software from any time, anywhere with internet on your Mac device.

2. SageOne

Type: Payroll Software

Pricing: £3 – £13

Available software: Payroll and accounting

Trustpilot Score: 4/5

Sage is a well-known name when it comes to payroll and particularly accounting, with many companies using Sage products as standard in the running of their business day to day.

As Sage One provides a cloud-based service, it means that you can access your accounting and payroll accounts from anywhere, anytime.

This makes it an excellent choice for Mac users, as it is compatible with all internet connected devices.

3. BrightPay

Type: Payroll Software

Pricing: £99 to £299

Available software: Payroll

Software Advice Score: 5/5

Brightpay is a more high-end type of software, and although it is one of the most expensive options to choose from, it is highly flexible and suitable for companies of any size.

This software is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems, which means you can benefit from HMRC recognised software regardless of your device.

4. Xero

Type: Payroll Software

Pricing: £10 to £27.50

Available software: Payroll

Software Advice Score: 4/5

Xero is a highly rated payroll software company, with many benefits to choosing this company for your software including introduction videos to get you started, support all around the clock and security for your data.

Cis Banking Software

Cis Payroll Software For Mac

Their accounting and payroll software is cloud-based, which allows you to access all of your essential data from most devices, including your Mac.

They also offer applications for both Android and iOS phones so that you can check out your accounts and payroll on the go.

5. Quickbooks

Type: Payroll Software

Pricing: £10 to £27.50

Available software: Payroll, accounting

Trustpilot Score: 4/5

One of the main benefits to choosing Quickbooks is that it integrates with all of your favourite applications, including PayPal, Shopify and Amazon to name a few.

They also have an excellent rating on trusted review sites such as Trustpilot, with over 700 individual reviews online, 70% of which are in the excellent five-star rating.

They offer an online payroll service which is compatible with Safari version 3.1 and later, which makes it a suitable choice for Mac users.

6. Payroo

Type: Payroll Software

Pricing: Free

Available software: Payroll

Trustpilot Score: 2/5

Payroo is a cost-effective option for many customers, with many different payment options including their free choice, going up to a higher £200 a month cost for companies with over 200 employees.

As Payroo is a web-based platform, it means that you can access your payroll and pension information from your PC, Mac or on your phone or tablet.

7. KashFlow

Type: Payroll software

Pricing: £8 to £21 per month

Available Software: Payroll, bookkeeping, HR

Google Score: 4.4/5

KashFlow offers both accounting and affordable payroll software to their customers, which they claim is easy to use and has many features such as allowing you to work online, gives you updates and lets your employees access their payslips from anywhere.

Because their software is cloud-based, it means that it could be a viable option if you use Macs for your business, with a free demo available so you can test out the software.

You can integrate the software with their bookkeeping software, which means that you can keep everything organised in one place.


What is payroll?

Doing payroll is the action of keeping a list of all of your employees, as well as how much they will be paid, and things like sick pay and holidays.

Traditionally this might have been done with pen and paper, however now there is easy to use software which streamlines the process, makes it quick to learn for new business owners, as well as simplifying things for large companies.

What is payroll software?

Payroll software is software that you can use to run your payroll on a monthly or weekly basis.

Using payroll software gives you the opportunity to keep your payroll in-house, but with the accuracy and added features of software created by experts.

Another option is to outsource your company’s payroll needs, which you can compare right now

What are the benefits to payroll software?

✔ Keep your payroll in-house

✔ Some software does a lot of the hard work for you

✔ Use software like SageOne with no experience

✔ Keep an eye on everything from cash flow to HMRC compliance

✔ Make sure that you are paying your employees the right amount

✔ Lower the need for time to be spent on payroll administration

✔ Some software allows you to invite your accountant to collaborate

What is the best payroll software for Mac?

The best payroll software for Mac might depend on several factors, including:

  • Customer ratings on trusted websites like Trustpilot
  • The flexibility of the software, like where you can access it
  • The features the software provides, like producing payslips
  • Costs or fees that are included, like whether it is part-managed

For instance, while Payroo might offer free software which makes it excellent for prices, Quickbooks has a much better customer reputation.

This can help you to decide which software is best for you.

What is the easiest payroll software to use for Mac?

According to the SageOne website, their payroll software is so easy to use that they say you don’t necessarily need previous experience.

They offer bespoke training that comes from Sage experts, which can sometimes include helping you to set up and things like using the ‘self-serve’ help centre.

What is the best payroll software for small businesses using Macs?

As the payroll software from Payroo is free, this might be an excellent fit for small businesses that are just starting.

It still has all of the features that you might need for your basic payroll, including extra features like setting up pensions and auto-enrolment.

But the best payroll software for you and your company might depend on many different factors, including:

  • The flexibility of the software
  • How much it costs
  • How many employees you can manage
  • The support available

Which payroll software has the most flexibility?

Quickbooks has a wonderful amount of flexibility, as not only can you run your payroll but you can also create and send invoices which you can track to see whether they have been viewed and if they have been paid.

You can also see insights into your cash flow, invite your accountant to view your accounts and complete self-assessments that do the sums for you.

How can outsourcing payroll help me?

If you aren’t sure that payroll software would be your best option, you could consider outsourcing your business needs.

Outsourcing payroll can take some of this pressure and strain off of you and your company, as you can focus on the other areas with the knowledge that experienced professionals are looking after your payroll for you.

It can also save money when you compare with hiring internally, as you will usually be paying a regular monthly amount which would be less than paying a payroll administrator salary.

What is the best way to compare payroll companies?

With all of the choices available to entrepreneurs and business owners today, it can be challenging to decide which payroll company or software is the right fit for you.

For instance, those companies on a strict budget might prefer Payroo, who has HMRC recognised software at an affordable price.

Or, you might want the vast features and flexibility of a company like Brightpay, who is one of the most expensive but has high-quality software and support.

The best payroll company for you will depend on many factors, including the following:

  • The size of your company
  • Your budget for software
  • The experience you have with payroll
  • How highly the company is rated
  • Their capacity for around the clock support
  • The complexity of the software and your needs


In conclusion, there are many possible options for those who need payroll software which is compatible with Macs.

Are you looking for a company with an excellent reputation, or perhaps software that is compatible with other software for things like accounting?

Take a look at the form at the top of the page to compare your options right now, or check out the ExpertSure guides to find out more about payroll.

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Take the hassle out of paying your employees with the top four payroll solutions for your Apple Mac

As a business owner, you need to pay your staff. It’s not just the law – if you don’t pay your team on time and without fuss, they won’t hang around for very long. But tackling taxes and working out wages is time-consuming, and pensions are particularly perplexing. How do you simplify it all?

With payroll software, that’s how. Payroll software helps you eliminate paper records, automate key processes, and speed up your staff payments. From figuring out your staff’s wages to depositing them, payroll software will make your life easier.

‘But wait,’ we hear you ask… ‘can I use payroll software with my Mac?’

The answer is yes, although not all payroll software will be compatible with that shiny silver computer of yours. Read on to find out which payroll software is best for a Mac, or jump into the list below to find your favourite.

Alternatively, skip straight ahead to our FAQs, or save time and fill in our quote-finding form to receive quotes from top payroll services suppliers.

Have a cup of coffee while payroll software calculates your staff’s wages for you

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Top 4 payroll software programs for Mac

We compared the best payroll software that works with a Mac, and is available to businesses in the UK. We found that the best payroll software for Mac computers comes from Mitrefinch, SageOne, Xero, and Iris. Let’s see why.

Best Mac-compatible payroll software for UK businesses:

Save by Comparing Payroll Services Quotes from Leading Suppliers

UK-based Mitrefinch provides a range of intuitive software for managing your staff’s pay, attendance, and access. And its cloud-based payroll solution ‘Flexipay’ can be accessed from anywhere, on any device – your Mac included. Among other things, it allows you to set the rules as to when your employees get paid. Instead of having to wait until payday, staff can draw down on their earnings when they need them most. This reduces financial stress, helping them to stay focused on the task at hand. And for you, Flexipay will cut the time it takes to create reports, and automate those head-spinning calculations.


  • Highly scalable
  • Integrates seamlessly with your business’ existing financial systems
  • Offers payroll processing in real-time

X Cons:

  • Pricing plans lack transparency
  • Doesn’t boast the best of Trustpilot ratings

▶ Read more: Top payroll companies in the UK and London

Sage One’s payroll solution isn’t just fully compatible with your Mac – it’s also extremely easy to use. Its intelligent software simplifies the nightmare of workplace pensions, while automating the smaller stuff. Sage One is so simple that no experience or training is needed to use it. But if you do get stuck, there’s online support available around the clock. And with a free 30-day trial and 50% off to get you started, what’s not to like?

Top tip: Integrate Sage One with its Sage’s other software for a more holistic approach to running your business. These include Sage’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, invoicing services, and cloud accounting.

Sage pricing

Accounting StartAccounting
£10 per month£22 per month


  • Fully GDPR-ready
  • Bank-level security features
  • Mostly positive online approval ratings
Need a payroll solution for your Mac?Get quotes

With a slick mobile app and a completely cloud-based solution, Xero is classy payroll software for modern businesses, rolling pay, finances, and pensions into one. It automates account updates, and creates HMRC submissions for you. Better still, its app lets your employees log in to track their own working hours and request leave. And for you, it offers everything you need to manage your human resources in a single, stylish, and colourful interface – all from your Mac.

Xero pricing

£10 per month£22 per month£27.50 per month


  • Customisable dashboard offers a refreshing user experience (UX)
  • Great Trustpilot rating
  • 30-day free trial available

X Cons:

  • Some online reviews criticise Xero’s reporting features

If you’re looking for payroll software for your Mac, have fewer than 10 employees, and don’t want to spend a penny, then Iris is for you. Iris already serves 40,000 businesses that are paying 2.5 million people, and it’s not hard to see why. With automatic enrolment and calculation features, it takes the hassle out of payroll. It’s HMRC-recognised, and will do everything your small business needs it to. The best part? It’s all free – and if you want to add more features as your business grows, there’s a huge range of pricing plans to choose from.

Iris pricing

IRIS Payroll Basics
Fewer than 10 employeesFREE
IRIS Payroll Business
Up to 100 employees£96 per year
IRIS Payroll Business Starter Pack
10+ employees£230 per year (plus initial fee of £232)
50+employees£309 per year (plus initial fee of £477)
250+ employees£290 per year (plus initial fee of £658)


  • Completely free for businesses with fewer than 10 employees
  • Interface is quite straightforward to navigate

X Cons:

  • No phone support on weekends, or outside of business hours
  • Paid plans offer variation, but at a higher cost than other payroll software suppliers

Next steps

Mac users, don’t fear – there is indeed a range of intuitive, flexible, easy to use (and sometimes free!) payroll software built not only to work with your computer, but to make your life easier.

You have the names, the knowledge, and the prices. Now all you need to do is make a decision. Which payroll software for Mac is best suited to the unique needs of your business?

Utility Cis Software

You could spend hours turning this question over in your mind, or you could spend a minute and let us help. Just fill out our quick quote-finding form. It’s free to do, and you’ll receive payroll software quotes from industry-leading suppliers.


What are the benefits of payroll software?

Cis Payroll Software For Mac Windows 10

Payroll software has a range of benefits for your business, which include:

  • Generating accurate payslips
  • Sending returns to HMRC
  • Creating P45s, P60s, and other forms for your staff
  • Automating calculations and reporting tasks
  • Reducing the heavy load of compliance to GDPR and other tax legislation
  • Storing data such as payslips and bank details in a single, accessible hub

Best Payroll Software For Mac

Of course, you could do this manually, but who has time for that? Especially when there’s payroll software available at such a low cost, that’s also compatible with your Mac. Don’t faff around with a calculator, or despair over stacks of spreadsheets and forms – let payroll software take care of it.

Cis Software Solutions

How much does payroll software cost?

Payroll software costs vary depending on the provider and plan that you choose, as well as the number of people you have on the books. For instance, Iris offers a free plan for businesses with fewer than 10 employees, but charges an annual fee of more than £300 for businesses with 50 or more staff.

Other payroll software providers like Xero and Sage One charge a monthly fee of between £10 and £27.50, but also offer free trials and early discounts to rope you in.