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In Excel 2011 for Mac, the spin button control is similar to the scroll bar control, but is always vertical. You can make it tall and skinny if space is tight. Spin button, also known as a spinner control, does not have a scroll bar. This control works well for large lists. It has two buttons that, when clicked, either increase or decrease the numeric value in the linked cell.

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To put a spinner control onto a worksheet in Excel 2011 for Mac, take these steps:

Button Making Software For Mac
  1. While your form is unprotected, click the Spin Button control on the Developer tab of the Ribbon.

  2. Drag diagonally and then let go of the mouse.

    A two-button control appears as selected on your worksheet.

  3. Right-click the new spinner control and choose Format Control from the pop-up menu.

    The Format Control dialog displays.

  4. On the Control tab of the Format Control dialog, set a cell link by clicking into the empty Cell Link field and then clicking a cell on any worksheet.

    The linked cell is indicated in the Cell Link field in the dialog.

  5. On the Control tab of the Format Control dialog, use spinner controls (just like the one you’re making!) to adjust the following settings to match your data source:

    • (Optional) Current Value: Set a default value. If the default value has been changed by the form user, it displays the spinner’s current value when you display the Format Control dialog.

    • Minimum Value: The lowest number in the linked cell when the spinner’s lower button is clicked repeatedly.

    • Maximum Value: The highest number in the linked cell when the spinner’s upper button is clicked repeatedly.

    • Incremental Change: The incremental number for how much the linked cell’s value increases or decreases when a spinner button is clicked.

  6. Click OK to close the Format Control dialog.

Unlock a form control’s linked cell. A form control won’t work when you protect the worksheet unless you unlock its linked cell.