Build Mac Command Line App With Monodevelop


83 time-saving Hotkeys for Xamarin Studio. Extensive, exportable, wiki-style reference lists for Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys. Build complete - 0 errors, 0 warnings. As of MonoDevelop version 6, it is being distributed as a FlatPak archive. Thus the correct command line to build a Solution, provided you are in the directory of the solution, would be: flatpak run -command=/app/bin/xbuild com.xamarin.MonoDevelop. MonoDevelop provides modern programming aids common to most IDEs, such as class browsing, integrated API documentation, build system, code completion, and support for multiple filetypes. Even if you’re a hardened command-line and text editor geek, it’s worth giving MonoDevelop a try.

Visual Studio for Mac can be used to build applications and create assemblies during the development of your project. It's important to build your code often to allow you to quickly identify type mismatches, erroneous syntax, misspelled keywords, and other compile-time errors. By building then debugging, you can also find and fix run-time errors such as logic, IO, and divide-by-zero errors.

A successful build means the source code contains correct syntax and all static references to libraries, assemblies, and other components can resolve. The build process produces an application executable. This executable may then be tested via debugging and different kinds of manual and automated tests to validate code quality. After your application is fully tested, you can compile a release version to deploy to your customers.

Jul 13, 2017  In your command line tool’s target, change “Skip Install” to “Yes”. This will ensure your archive contains only a Mac app since we are going to bundle it ourself. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to upload your archive to the App Store, sign for Developer ID, etc. Next, in your Mac app, add the command line tool as one of. Open the project in Xamarin Studio, and enable 'Build ad-hoc/enterprise package (IPA)' in the project's iOS IPA Options page. Then the IPA should be built when you build with mdtool, just remember to enable the IPA in the correct configuration (the same as you're building with mdtool).

Build Mac Command Line App With Monodevelop

On the Mac, you can use any of the following methods to build your application: Visual Studio for Mac, MSBuild command-line tools, or Azure Pipelines.

Build MethodBenefits
Visual Studio for Mac- Create builds immediately and test them in a debugger.
- Run multi-processor builds for C# projects.
- Customize different aspects of the build system.
MSBuild command line- Build projects without installing Visual Studio for Mac.
- Run multi-processor builds for all project types.
- Customize most areas of the build system.
Azure Pipelines- Automate your build process as part of a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline.
- Apply automated tests with every build.
- Employ virtually unlimited cloud-based resources for build processes.
- Modify the build workflow and create build activities to perform deeply customized tasks.

The documentation in this section goes into further details of the IDE-based build process. For more information about building applications via the command line, see MSBuild. For details on building applications with Azure Pipelines, see Azure Pipelines.


This topic applies to Visual Studio for Mac. For Visual Studio on Windows, see Compile and build in Visual Studio.

Building from the IDE


Visual Studio for Mac lets you create and run builds instantly, while still giving you control over build functionality. When you create a project, Visual Studio for Mac defines a default build configuration that sets the context for builds. You can edit default build configurations and also create your own. Creating or modifying these configurations will automatically update the project file, which is then used by MSBuild to build your project.

For more information regarding how to build projects and solutions in the IDE, see the Building and cleaning Projects and Solutions guide.

Apple Command Line

Visual Studio for Mac can also be used to do the following:

Monodevelop Linux

  • Change the output path. This is edited in your Project's options:

  • Change the verbosity of the build output:

  • Add Custom Commands before, during, or after Building or Cleaning:

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