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Another big software release has just been rolled out at partypoker that will enhance the experience of both Mac users and tournament players.

Mac Enhancements

Getting started with Mac online poker is easy. Simply read through our reviews of the best sites in online poker and pick a room. Then go to the Mac online poker site and click on the Apple logo on the homepage and download the software to your Macintosh desktop or laptop. Mac Poker Software & Odds Calculators. A poker odds calculator for Mac is one that works well on a Mac OS. To use the odds calculators on your Mac, ensure you upgrade the system to 10.6.x or even 10.7.x. At times, those using Macintosh may find it hard to view the poker odds calculator because the Macromedia Flash application may not be. Apr 13, 2017  In this article we will point out some of the best live and online poker tournament strategy tips you can use to improve your game as quickly as possible. Tip 1: Play The Right Starting Hands. Whether it be lack of patience, or an unfamiliarity with opening ranges, many tournament poker players still open too wide. Travis Poker Timer is a stand alone program that runs on your OS X or Windows computer. It manages your tournament game, organising players, calculating blinds, chips and prizes. Travis Poker Director is a poker league management system that integrates directly with the poker timer. Best Poker HUD Software for Mac As I already mentioned, PokerTracker is fully compatible with Macs as well which is a big deal since many other poker tracking programs are not. I personally use a MacBook Air most of the time when I am playing online poker (best travel laptop ever made in my opinion).

Poker Tournament Manager Software Free

Mac users should notice some significant changes with the new rollout, highlighted by a new oval and racetrack table shape with improved player plates. Players can now choose whether they want to see the stack size or the number of big blinds for each player in the player plates.

The table and the background are both customizable with unique theme additions, and the players can also change the looks of both the front and back of the cards. Players can preview their customizations in the updated themes section in settings.

Those that like to take notes should be delighted that there are more color options and the software will optimize the display of notes on the player plate.

Best Poker Tournament Software For Mac

Tournament Enhancements

While HUDs are no longer allowed at partypoker, the latest update provides some key information to both Mac and Windows tournament players alike.

The data displayed clearly on the table includes the player's position, the total number of players remaining in the tournament, and the average stack in either chips or big blinds.

Besides, players will also be clearly shown through the multi-color ITM display how close they are to the money or if they reached it. No color means there is more than 120 percent of the number of players left to be in the money. The amber highlight represents when the field is down to 120 percent or less of the number of players in the money, and the green highlight will display once the tournament is in the money.

Also, partypoker has added a late-registration countdown timer to make it clearer when late registration closes. This is now in both the status column and the right-hand panel for a selected tournament in the lobby.

partypoker has also rolled out a new KO Series table theme to replace the recent POWERFEST theme to help support the upcoming KO Series that will feature $30 million in guaranteed prizes on Sept. 8-22.

Poker Tournament Director Software

One Click Bet

Another change, this one just for Windows users currently, is that players can now enable the new One Click Custom Bet feature in their global settings, giving them the ability to click a custom bet and place the bet immediately. This bet will not need to be reconfirmed by clicking the raise button, thus speeding up the game.

Free Poker Tournament Clock Software

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