Best Mac Defrag Software 2014

One of the unique highlights of this defrag software is the fact that it can work on up to 3 computers at the same time. Diskeeper keeps your system in an optimum state, as good as new. Once you use this disk defrag software on Windows, you will experience a noticeable performance boost, be it faster boot times or faster Internet browsing. Aug 05, 2019  So while the need to defrag a Mac is fairly rare, it is still a useful process and could potentially help improve your workflow. MacBook Pro with HDD – Drive Genius. Since you need a third-party tool to defragment a MacBook Pro, we decided to highlight Drive Genius, a well-reputed computer cleaning tool with an efficient defragging feature.

Mac computers are known to have high performance and known to be secured. However, they can also be vulnerable to corruption and they may slow down after some time. Defragmenting your Mac is an important task that you need to do to keep the performance of your computer optimized. This will help boost its speed, as well as free up space on your drives. Here are some of the best tools that you can use to defragment Mac.


10. Norton Utilities

This software contains various tools that you would need for optimizing your Mac computer. Though Mac computers are generally more stable than Windows, they can also get corrupted and can get infected by malicious software. Norton Utilities offers various features that will keep your Mac running smoothly. It allows defragmenting and optimizing of Mac disks for maximum performance. Aside from this, it also has the UnErase tool, which you can use for restoring accidentally deleted files. The Disk Doctor tool that comes with the utility checks for any error or problem on your computer and repairs them.

9. Drive Genius

For $99.00, you can get this powerful software that can defrag your computer to optimize its performance. It is easy to use as it has a user-friendly interface. You may wait for the defragmentation to finish, though it could take time or you may choose the option to get a notification via e-mail so you would know that the process is done. Aside from this, it also offers other features. This includes deleting duplicate or unused files, repartition, sector edit and checking of drive on the background.


Best Defrag Software

8. SpeedTools Utilities

SpeedTools offers a fast and safe way of defragmenting your Mac. With this, your computer will be faster, you will have more usable space and there is a better chance of recovering files in case of corruption. Starting from $29.95, you can get this feature and more. It also offers monitoring, detection and repair of bad sector, bootable disk backup, and searching for large files that take up too much space. It allows multitasking, which lets you monitor, repair, test or defrag various volumes at once. This is more convenient as it saves time. It also has a scheduling feature that lets you choose the date when you would like a specific process to be done on your computer. This tool will notify you immediately if it detects any signs of problems on your disk. This is helpful in preventing the problem from getting worse.

7. Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner is a backup tool, which can easily create a backup copy of your drive. Though it does not have a specific tool for defragging, it defrags on the backup process. This is an alternative that you can try if you don’t want to wait for a long time for the defragging to finish. Backup the internal hard disk with an internal drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. Use Disk Utility to erase the content of the internal drive. Clone the external drive to the internal drive using this program.

6. SuperDuper

Like Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper is also a backup tool, which defrags the drive when creating a backup. It does not have a specific feature for defragging. However, if you want a fast way to defrag you computer, you may use this to backup your internal hard drive to an external drive, erase the content of the internal disk and copy the content of the external drive into it.

5. MacKeeper

You can get this excellent system utility software for only $38.95. Though it is known for its feature to clean drives by removing unused or duplicate files, it also offers other useful features that will help improve your computer’s performance. This includes defragmenting of drives to save space and make the computer faster, restore files, undelete files, backup files, as well as enable remote tracking if your computer is lost or stolen.

4. iDefrag 2

While the first release of iDefrag offers an effective way of defragging and optimizing your computer, the upgrade is better as it does not need a bootable disk to perform the defragmentation. This is more convenient as you can just launch the software and select the Go option. The computer will reboot and give you the options for the defrag process. You don’t have to worry about losing your bootable disk as it is no longer needed. While most programs only offer defragmenting of the whole drive, iDefrag 2 lets you choose the files you wish to defrag. This makes the process faster, especially if you do not want to defrag your whole disk. The user interface was also improved and became simpler and more organized.

3. DiskWarrior 4

Defrag Mac Software

This is one of the best utilities for defragging your Mac. It cleans corrupted files that may be taking up space on your computer. It also repairs errors that are detected by Disk Utility. Another feature of this program is that it restores missing or accidentally deleted files. This is a powerful software for finding these files. In fact, it is known for successfully finding files that cannot be found by other programs. If you want a software that provides optimization, as well as keep your files secured, this is a good tool to use.

2. Stellar Drive Defrag

Stellar Drive Defrag is one of the top choices when it comes to defrag programs. It effectively defrags the computer making access to files faster. It offers various options for defragging including full defragmentation for defragging the whole drive, as well as the option to defrag specific files or all fragmented volumes on the computer. It allows creation of bootable disk that you can use for defragging your Mac. You can also opt to receive a notification via e-mail once the process is done. Another helpful feature of this program is the graphical view of the drive’s temperature. This will notify you when the temperature is going over the normal level, so you can do something about it.


1. DiskTools Pro

Best Mac Defrag Software 2014 Free

DiskTools Pro is available for $79.99. This is the ultimate system optimization tool for you. Defrag, backup or repair files on the time most convenient for you by scheduling the tasks. Aside from its defrag feature, it offers more useful tools including creating bootable Mac backups, CPU monitoring, volume repair, analyzing drive capacity and find and repair bad sectors on your computer.