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If you had purchased a new Hard drive and want to transfer all the data which is exactly present in the previous hard drive of your PC, then you need to clone your drive. We know that you are now thinking about what cloning of drive exactly means. So, the answer of this query is that every time you purchase a new hard drive for your PC and want to transfer all the files and documents present in it, then you need to create backup to transfer that files. Backing up of data may result in the loss of data because backup process in not very efficient. But, in cloning of drive process, every single bit of the data present in the hard drive get copied in to an image which can be copied in to the new hard drive very easily. This is much-much efficient process because it doesn’t allow any type of data loss in any form. That’s why user prefer this method the most.

To clone the hard drive, you need a drive cloning software which will help you to accomplish this task. That’s why we will present a list of top 6 drive cloning software which are available for free for all users. You can also use them for your purpose as well. So, let’s start with the first option:

1) AOMEI Backupper

This is undoubtedly the best drive cloning software which is used by millions of users to clone their drive. The enhanced features present in this drive cloning software cannot be compared with any other software because they are just magnificent. It is very hard to get a software like AOMEI Backupper because as we mentioned, the features and compatibility which it offers cannot be compared with other software. This software was launched way back 10 years ago and still this is one of the trending one. The lite and clean user-interface with additional user-guide is what creating a huge difference between this software and other software of this segment. When you use this software for the first time, you won’t become able to clone your drive in first attempt. But soon after you go through the features and description of this software, the things will automatically become easier for you guys. That’s why AOMEI drive cloning software must be the primary choice for every user who is looking for this software. We too sometimes use this software to clone the hard drive of our PC.

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2) Macrium Reflect Free

When it comes to clone the hard drive, Macrium Reflect free is another strong claimant of AOMEI to accomplish this purpose. The user-friendly interface of this software helps every user to clone its hard drive very easily. You don’t need any high knowledge of computer software and hardware to use this drive cloning software. Your task will get completed in few clicks and in few minutes soon after you give the command inside the software. What we think about this drive cloning software is that this is fully loaded with advanced features and technicalities which makes it much easier for the users to use. As we mentioned, you drive will be cloned within some commands which is really very good. As the name of this software is evident that this software is an open-source software which means any user can use this software for free. Users don’t have to purchase any license or have to pay subscription charge to use this software. So, definitely we can say that Macrium Reflect free is a quite worthy choice for every user.

3) Paragon Backup and Recovery Free edition

This software is not a strong competitor of the above two mentioned software, but this software will surely help you to accomplish your task easily. There are not so much customized features available in this software, but the current existing features will do your job quite easily. This software is still under optimization and we really hope that new features will soon rolls out which will definitely make the job of users a lot easier. But if you compare this software with the above two software now, then you will find it to be lesser attractive in front of them. There are a lot of instruction which has to be given to start the cloning of drive process. But soon after the process start, it will not take much time and will do your job efficiently. Though it doesn’t contain much advance features, but still this software is bearing a lot of popularity among the users. So, definitely a very good choice as far as compatibility is concerned.

4) Drive Image XML

This is another very good software option which is available for the users. The main advantage of using this software is that if you want to clone your drive partially, then you can easily do that task with the help of this drive cloning software. Moreover, if some bad sectors have been created in the hard drive of your PC, then also it can help you in an efficient manner. This is the reason why tech lovers from all around the world suggest this software to the users. This is a multi-functioning software which is fully loaded with lots of exiting and customized features. This software had a lot of popularity in the past, but due to the launch of other software which are quite attractive in terms of Graphic user-interface, this software becomes unpopular with time. But still, tech users from different parts of world are still using this software and we really hope that you will too like it for sure.

5) PING (Part Image Is Not Ghost)

Although PING is recently launched software on the internet, still it had gained a lot of popularity among the users. Cloning and backing up of drive is no longer a hard task after the launch of this software. There are many significant features of this software which makes it a perfect choice for the users to accomplish their task. There are very minimum number of commands which you need to give to PING in order to create the image of the data present inside the hard drive. Moreover, using this software, your valuable time will be saved because this software doesn’t take so much time unlike the other software does. This is an open-source software though which can be upgraded to explore more exciting features by paying a nominal fee. This software also offers multiple functions like creating partial backup of drive, backup of drivers, software backup and much more for free. That’s why PING is regarded as the best of this segment. Though it is quite difficult to use, but still users are giving positive response to this software.

Best Free Encryption Software Mac Os 2019

6) Clonezilla

Best Free Encryption Software Download

Last but not the least of this list, Clonezilla is another very good drive cloning software which offers magnificent features like as other offers. Again, this is an open-source software which simply means any user can use this software absolutely for free. This software comes up with two types of mode, that is beginner mode and other is advanced mode. The beginner’s mode will guide you through the whole process of cloning of drive whereas the advanced mode will let you to explore the multi features present in this software. The advanced mode is sometimes regarded as expert mode but the meaning of both the modes is same. This software also comes with in-built programs which will help you to image all your data and to copy them very easily. These programs also help you to create the backup data file of various software, OS and much more. That’s why Clonezilla was once regarded as the top drive cloning software. But still it has a lot of things in it which you can personally browse and experience.


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In this article, one can surely conclude that backing up of data is no longer a method used in this modern world. New methods have been introduced by the tech experts which are quite efficient and simple to use. If you ask from us about the top 2 picks, then we will name AOMEI Backupper and PING as our top 2 picks from the list. But now it’s your turn to tell us about your top picks from the list. You can easily tell us below in the comments section.

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