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Oct 16, 2018  However we are discussing the single most popular productivity software for Mac ever created. Things is a philosophy more than a project management tool. It helps to get things done and team workflow. Easy Books Free. If you run a small event planning agency.

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When you are trying to plan a menu for an event or some general purpose you will have to consider different factors like nutrition, calorie content and much more. All this can be done easily with the help of some best menu planning software, free download. It will have all the necessary information that is needed to create custom menus and Diet plan software which are very easy to use. Many Recipe Manager Softwareare available online that can be downloaded based on requirement.

Banquet Planning Software For Mac Windows 7


Meal Plus

This premium software can be used for accessing features like accommodating menu for HACCP guidelines, USDA-approved software for analyzing nutrients, creating custom recipes and much more. The menu that is created can be recorded and food based planning can be done. It will be able to integrate inventory management and is approved by USDA for planning lunch menu requirements. Monthly, weekly and daily menus can be created and printed easily.

Evolution Nutrition

This premium software is a professional level meal planning software that can be used to create fully automated and comprehensive meal plans for anyone. Many types of meal plans are already available in the software and foods can be swapped if needed. It will be ideal for personal trainers who want to create personalized plans for their clients and make sure that all the food activity is logged in.

AccuChef 6.7 Recipe Software

Banquet Planning Software For Mac Pro

This premium software can be used as a recipe software that has many features. It is easy to create recipes and browse through ones that are already present in the software. The recipes that are available can be edited and new ones can be inserted. It will allow users to print out cookbooks with features like table of contents, page numbers, header, footer, and pictures. It can also be used for creating web pages.

Say Mmm

Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner



Plan to Eat

Banquet Planning Software For Mac Free



Living Cookbook for Windows

Banquet Planning Software For Mac Download

This premium Windows software can be used for tracking all the meals consumed. It will be able to recognize different types of nutrients and everything that is there in the kitchen can be recorded to create a grocery list. The grocery list will be based on menus, meal plans, and recipes. A library with cooking techniques and terms can be maintained for reference.

Eat This Much – Meal Planner for Android


This free Android app can be used to create meal plans based on diet goals, favorite food, budget and daily schedule. Calorie content can be maintained and foods that you are allergic to can be filtered out.

Menu Planner for Mac

This premium Mac software can be used to create meal plans and also track the nutrient information for each meal. Personal recipes can be managed and new ones can be imported from websites. Items in the pantry can be tracked.

Cook’n – Most Popular Software

This software is very popular for creating custom menus that are built on daily, weekly and monthly basis based on what the requirement is. The shopping list can be automatically generated from the menus and it can be printed out.

How to Install Menu Planning Software?

There are many types of menu planning software available in the market so based on what the requirement is, the appropriate software can be downloaded. If it is a premium version then the login credentials should be bought from the manufacturer. After that, the software can be downloaded using the link and can be installed onto the system after checking the system requirements. Once the software is installed onto the desired location, it can be opened when needed.

This software is mainly used for tracking the nutrition information that is being consumed on a daily basis. A complete list of all the meals that will be consumed can be maintained and favorite menus can be saved. All the items in the pantry are recorded so based on the grocery list can be generated.

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