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Scrapbook Crafter for Mac. Starting a digital scrapbook on Mac can be extremely fun and easy! With this powerful scrapbook software, you can quickly turn your digital photos into memorable scrapbook albums. Making album software, free download - Minos Album, Corel Photo Album, The Making of a Prophet, and many more programs. Enter to Search. Photo album, photo album maker, create photo.

Photo scrapbook has given unlimited creative opportunities to preserve memories. Now there are a plenty of online tools that simplify the process for you to create, and share gorgeous the scrapbook with any number of people. In the collection below, we have particularly focused on 5 best photo scrapbook makers for Mac users.

1. FlipHTML5 (Strongly Recommend)

FlipHTML5 finds the right balance between automation and advanced layout tools, making it the first choice with regard to photo scrapbook maker for Mac users. You start by importing your images and the software will automatically convert these photos to a photo book, with each photo covering one page as the background. In “Animation Editor”, you can create new blank pages and manually fill the page with photos and embellishments like shapes. Just drag and drop to achieve this. In addition, this software comes with tons of design tools for you to set kinds of effect to these photos and embellishments.

Start Creating An Impressive Photo Scrapbook

2. MyMemories Suite

Given the limited photoscrapbook maker options for Mac software, MyMemories Suite truly stands out. It has a wide range of backgrounds and templates, which give you much freedom to add photos, embellishments, shapes, and more. The photo editing is not limited to resizing and rotating the photo. In fact, you can even rip, crop, fade and recolor the photo to create a wonderful visual effect.

3. iScrapbook

Designed for both novice and professional scrap bookers, this photo scrapbook maker has some unique design tools you seldom get from other software. You can transform your photo into a sketch, based on the new line art feature of this software. In addition, this software has a powerful shade editor, which allows you to add shades between two dominant colors to your photos to create an eye-pleasing look.

4. Scrapbook Crafter

With this powerful photo scrapbook maker, you can make the scrapbook on Mac in a breeze. More than 60 scrapbook kits are designed for various holidays and occasions – Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Baby, Travel, Graduation, Wedding, and so on. You are able to export the scrapbook in various formats, ranging from PDF to PSD.

5.Print shop Mac

From start to finish, the Print Shop Mac has all of the essential design features to make impressive projects every time. Besides, all these features are tailored especially for Mac users. Getting started is very easy, with the modern and intuitive interface that offers quick access to the tools you need. Given its fantastic Snap and Guide Manager, you are able to place everything just where you want it.

As a matter of fact, among these 5 best photo scrapbook makers for Mac users, you can pay more attention to FlipHTML5. This software balances a wide selection of powerful tools with a very easy to use interface. Use it to create your scrapbook right now, it won’t desperate you.

Start Creating An Impressive Photo Scrapbook

People are always fond of perceiving beauty and recording life with beautiful photos. Just this only? Of course not! They are trying best to collect all those valuable photos and make them a digital photo album, which acts as a priceless gift for life.
To ensure people’s successes in creating expressive photo albums, here particularly recommends top 8 digital photo album software for Mac. You are sure to feel the charms of flipping album pages to rediscover memories. Start now to use Mac devices to capture the moment and unveil photos’ real beauty and character!
> Part 1: Top 8 Digital Photo Album Software for Mac
> Part 2: Amazing Photo Album Designed by FlipHTML5

Part 1: Top 8 Digital Photo Album Software for Mac

1. FlipHTML5 (Strongly Recommend)

FlipHTML5 provides an interactive platform for everyone to create beauty. No matter what kinds of theme, static photos or PDF files in minutes can be converted into eye-pleasing photo album. It is one of the most flexible software that offers both simplicity and stunning results that you are sure to love.

●The Journey is a Joy.
●The Gift of Forever.
●The Experience that Resonate.
For all the convenience of instant import, create, publish and share, this software offers a modern style creating experience. You thus can spark creative ideas to design awesome photo album, manage a perfect layout and make it interactive for online and offline reading. More amazing features visit www.

Start Creating Interactive Photo Album with FlipHTML5

2. Adoramapix

“Your photos, its quick start.” Photo album creating experience that is easy and enjoyable by this intuitive online photo album software. Without requirements of technology, design or creation, you can quickly create a photo album in personal style. Moreover, to beautifully preserve special moments in life and wrap memories in an inspired selection, this software is passionate about making everything the best and most memorable it can be. Luxury on view? Cover in gorgeous? All satisfy you!

3. ArcSoft Print Creations

It is said that the best gift is something you make it by yourself. ArcSoft Print Creations is a wonderful tool that benefits you to make fabulous photo album books. It is easy enough for every level of Windows and Mac users. Only 4 steps you can create and share your beautiful results with friends.

4. Anyflip

Trusted by 217,962+ publishers worldwide, Anyflip is also a powerful choice for you to create beautiful digital photo album. No matter you are windows, Mac users, or you are come from different countries, multilingual interface ensured will make everything easier. Try yourself to well-design photo album in modern, professional and multimedia style.
More Features:
●Free & Unlimited Online Publishing.
●Viewable on Any Devices.
●Realistic Online Bookshelf Management.




With over 100 layouts to choose from, creating an exquisite photo album in under 5 minutes! Canva enables anyone to become a designer. This powerful photo album software has everything you need for amazing design, including photo filters, free icons & shapes, hundreds of fonts, therefore, you can powerfully surprise your friends with stunning photo album design.

6. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is the perfect tool to showcase your artwork. Whether you are a hobbyist photographer or a busy professional artist, it offers a modern and innovative way for you to create high quality photo album. With an all-in-one design solution, your photos will be stunning and perfectly managed. Straightforward editing tools provided to enrich photo album with multimedia reading experience.

7. Whitewall

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“You gave your best as a photographer. Now you can expect the same for your images.” Whitewall elevates photos to the highest technical level in digital photo album. Just as creatively and individually with Windows as with OSX or any modern operating system, you can be a gorgeous designer. Impressively presented or beautifully decorated? Whitewall software is gorgeous.

8. Myphotopuzzle

Album Making Software For Mac Pro offers free designers software to help you easily create beautiful photo album according to your imagination. It makes you the most memories for yourself, which brings great joy when creating extraordinary photo album.

In brief, the above 8 digital photo album software for Mac available for inspiring you to create a whole new experience around your most beautiful photos. With gorgeous background design, perfect layouts, professional texts, videos and audios designed, the whole photo album will be stunning and outstanding. Among which, FlipHTML5 amazes you with easy-to-use feature and powerful photo album results. It makes you to wow the world on unlimited cloud publishing platform.

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Part 2: Amazing Photo Album Designed by FlipHTML5

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Start Creating Interactive Photo Album with FlipHTML5