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Nov 14, 2014  Although in the ipad kindle app menu the label for your dictionary is wrong the content should be right. Besides kindle app offer 2 english dictionaries UK and US. Just replace one of them and keep the other for English-English explanations. The Kindle app puts over 1.5 million books at your fingertips. It’s the app for every reader, whether you’re a book reader, magazine reader, or newspaper reader — and you don’t need to own a Kindle to use it. Choose from over a million Kindle books from the Kindle Store or enjoy popular magazines and newspapers, such as The Economist, The Spectator, The Guardian and The Daily Mail. Oct 03, 2019  Double click on the kindle icon to search and browse through your connected kindle. Drag the Kindle icon to the trash can that serves as an eject button. Then drag the button to disconnect kindle from your windows PC and Mac. If you find the above information to be very useful, please drop your comment and question in the comment session. 1-60 of 64 results for 'free dictionary for kindle fire' Skip to main search results Department. Any Department; Apps & Games. App Free Download. Available instantly on compatible devices. English Dictionary - Offline. Add HD visual effects, music, FX, and Text! May 15, 2016. 3.4 out of 5 stars 370. App Free Download. Available instantly. Dec 03, 2018  Step 4: Add books to “My Kindle Content” Folder. Drag and drop the books you want to add in “My Kindle Content” folder. You can batch add books at one time. Close your Kindle for PC and open it again. Now you will see the added books has already been your Library. Then you can choose one and read. The methods listed above are ready for you.

One primary reason that I like reading on Kindle is the utterly convenient dictionary feature. To look up the definition of a strange word on Kindle, we just need to press and hold on the word. But sometimes the default dictionary doesn't work very well especially when it meets some plural nouns or past participle.

Here we are going to introduce how to add or change the Kindle dictionary. German version please refer to Wie man ein Wörterbuch in Kindle ändert oder hinzufügt.

Add Dictionary to Kindle

1Download the dictionary file to computer

The dictionary for Kindle is actually a .mobi file, which can be downloaded freely from the internet or bought from Amazon Kindle Store. Here I got a Collins Cobuild V3 dictionary file. Yes I like Collins dictionary since my college years.

2Plug Kindle to computer with USB Cable

Every Kindle user should have a USB cable in the box which is shipped with the device. Find it and use it to connect Kindle and computer. Seconds later there will generate a Removable Disk called 'Kindle'. Open it and find 'documentsdictionaries' folder.

3Paste the dictionary file into the 'dictionaries' folder

4Safe eject Kindle and unplug the USB Cable

Now all the steps on computer are finished. The following job is to make the dictionary file work on Kindle.

Change the default Kindle dictionary

Different generation of Kindle should be set in different ways. Do it as the list below:

- Kindle 3: Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Change Primary Dictionary

- Kindle 4: Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Dictionaries

- Kindle Touch: Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Dictionaries

- Kindle DXG: Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Change Primary Dictionary

- Kindle Paperwhite/Kindle Voyage/$79 Kindle: Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Device Options -> Language and Dictionaries -> Dictionaries

Kindle app for mac os

- Kindle Oasis: Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Language and Dictionaries -> Dictionaries

As I am using a Kindle Paperwhite at the moment, so I am going to take Kindle Paperwhite for example and introduce the process. And let's start with the 'Dictionaries' screen.

Press the 'Dictionaries' option, and we can see the default Kindle dictionary - 'Oxford Dictionary of English'.

By pressing it we can change the primary dictionary of english. As the screen shows below, 'Oxford Dictionary of English' is defaultly chosen and we need to switch to 'collins3', which is recently imported by me.

Then back to the previous screen we can see the default dictionary for english has been changed.

Now let's check the result.

Want to add foreign language dictionary to Kindle?

No problem! And the steps are pretty similar to the above. Suppose I am reading a book written in french, so I need a french-english dictionary.

First we need to download a french to english dictionary file, then transfer to the Kindle dictionary folder. As this is the first french dictionary in my Kindle, I need not to change any settings. The Kindle will choose this file as the primary dictionary for french language.

Then open a french book, press and hold on a word I don't know the definition, and see what happens.

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Q: “Is there anyone who knows how to add dictionary to Kindle? I usually love reading books with a Kindle and I am using a Kindle Paperwhite. Recently the default dictionary of Kindle seemed problematical, it cannot tell me the meaning of the new words. Would you please help me out? I am really reluctant to use the bulky printed dictionary. Thanks for helping!”

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Obviously, it is common for Kindle users to use the default dictionary to get to the words or expressions we didn’t know before. And the one who raised the question may not be the only person that has encountered the dictionary problem on Kindle. To our appreciation, there are definitely useful ways that have been figured out to solve the problem, which is to add dictionary to Kindle. Just take a minute to get the solution of how to add dictionary to Kindle here.

Part 1: How to add dictionary to Kindle

Actually, there are a bunch of free Kindle dictionaries in MOBI format that you can download online or from the Kindle cloud. If the dictionary you downloaded is not in MOBI format, you can try Prof. DRM to convert the dictionary to Kindle suitable format.

To add dictionary to Kindle Paperwhite, for example, you should at first get dictionary Kindle downloaded and then you can add it. Follow the detailed steps below and get the dictionary installed to your Kindle:

Step 1: Download a dictionary file to your computer

You can download a dictionary for Kindle freely from the internet or buy one from Amazon Kindle Store. Here I got a Collins CobuildV3 dictionary file for free.

Step 2: Connect Kindle to Computer with a USB cable

There is a USB cable for Kindle which can be connected to the computer. Then you can find the “documents/dictionaries” folder when entering the Removable Disk called “Kindle”.

Step 3: Move the downloaded dictionary file to the “dictionaries” folder

Find the dictionary file you downloaded and copy it, then paste it to “dictionaries” file folder.

Kindle App For Mac Os

Step 4: Eject Kindle safely and unplug the USB cable

Now you can go to your Kindle and make the dictionary file work for your reading.

Part 2: How to use the added dictionary on Kindle

When the dictionary has been added to your Kindle Paperwhite, you are going to read an English book on Kindle, with the help of the dictionary to change Kindle dictionary language. It is quite simple to use with the clear guide coming after:

Step 1: Find “Dictionaries” option

Go to Menu>Settings >Device Options >Language and Dictionaries, and then press Dictionaries.

Step 2: Set the Collins dictionary as default

By pressing “Dictionaries”, you will see “Oxford Dictionary of English” as the current default dictionary.

Press it to see all listed English dictionaries, and then choose “collins3” as the default dictionary.

Now you can read the ebook joyfully with the help of collins3 dictionary, which will give you more detailed explanations for the new words you are not familiar with.

With dictionary Kindle downloaded, you will be intended to read more good books without misunderstanding when meeting some unfamiliar words or expressions. Then how about reading a foreign language book on Kindle? For instance, when you have a French e-book or Japanese e-book, how could you change Kindle dictionary language so that you can read the foreign language books smoothly? Here comes the easy way as well.

Part 3: How to read a foreign language book on Kindle

When you are willing to read a French book on your Kindle, obviously you need a French-English dictionary right away. So it does, you must add dictionary to Kindle and change the language for French books. Here comes the way.

Step 1: Download a French dictionary and send it to Kindle

Follow the guide above to download a French dictionary from the internet or Kindle Store, then get it on Kindle. If this is the first time for Kindle to get French dictionary, it will be chosen to be the default dictionary for readers. If not, you can change Kindle dictionary language to French on “Dictionaries” option.

Step 2: Read your French e-book on Kindle

Add Kindle App To Pc

Now you can open your French e-book, press and hold on a word that you cannot understand to check the meaning freely.

To be concluded, reading e-books of different languages on Kindle would be easy and enjoyable since users can add dictionary to Kindle freely based on their different needs. In addition, Kindle change dictionary can be done by any users with just a few simple steps. Once you know how to add dictionary to Kindle, you will never be interrupted by the new words any more.