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  • Aug 28, 2019  Now, whenever you add a new calendar event in iCloud, it also appears in Outlook and on your iOS devices - and vice versa. Method 3: Add Outlook Calendar to iPhone with iPhone Mail App. You can also add your Outlook account to your iPhone using your iPhone itself!
  • Adhoc meetings. Create an adhoc event invitation that can only be booked once, giving you more flexibility for scheduling on the fly. While drafting a new email, open the Calendly for Outlook add-in and select New Adhoc Meeting.Specify the duration and location of the event, then select the time slots you would like to offer.
  • You can add an Outlook calendar to your iPhone by syncing your account through the 'Passwords & Accounts' menu in the Settings app.
  • To work around this issue, use Outlook Web App (OWA). OWA doesn't have this authentication header behavior. Therefore, it will successfully open the Internet calendar that you want to add. To use OWA to add the calendar, follow these steps: Sign in to OWA. Switch to the Calendar module. Click the Add calendar menu. Select the From internet option.
  1. If you haven’t already, download and install Spark mail app on your Mac to get started. If you’re already using Spark and want to add a Outlook account, follow these instructions here instead.
  2. Launch Spark for Mac
  3. Click on “Start using Spark” on the welcome screen.
  1. Type in your email address, tick the checkbox next to “I agree to the Spark Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” and click on the “Next” button.

Calendars can be created within an email account (for example, the Outlook account), but not within another calendar. Select the Organize tab. In the ribbon at the top of the menu, click New Calendar.

  1. On the next screen, enter your Outlook password and click Next. Then, click on the blue ‘Allow’ button to grant Spark access to your email account, so you can use your Outlook within Spark.

That’s it! There are no Settings to configure and no servers to specify. Just sign into your Outlook account and start using Spark for Mac.

How to Add Outlook Email to Spark for Mac

If you are already using Spark Mail app on your Mac and want to add your Outlook account, simply follow these steps.

  1. Launch Spark for Mac
  2. At the top left of your screen, click on “Spark” > “Add Account…”
  1. Click on the “Outlook” icon from the grid of email service providers
  1. When you see the Sign in with Microsoft screen, enter your Outlook email and password and click Next. Then, click on the blue ‘Allow’ button to grant Spark access to your email account, so you can use your Outlook within Spark.

That’s it! Spark will automatically set up your Outlook account on Mac and all your emails will be available to use on your Mac.

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Calendar User Guide


To share or back up a calendar that’s in the On My Mac section of the calendar list, you can export the calendar’s events, then import them into another calendar or to another computer.

If you use a calendar account, such as iCloud or Exchange, you don’t need to export and import its calendars to back them up or have them appear on your other devices. The account calendars are stored on the calendar service provider’s servers, and are automatically updated on all your devices set up for the same calendar account.

Export a calendar’s events

  1. In the Calendar app on your Mac, click the calendar’s name in the calendar list.

    If you don’t see the calendar list on the left, choose View > Show Calendar List.

  2. Choose File > Export > Export.

  3. Choose a location, then click Export.

    The events are exported to a calendar (.ics) file.

Export all calendars

  1. In the Calendar app on your Mac, choose File > Export > Calendar Archive.

  2. Choose a location, then click Save.

Import events into a calendar

  1. In the Calendar app on your Mac, if needed, create a new calendar for the events.

  2. Choose File > Import.

  3. Select the file with the events, then click Import.

  4. Choose the calendar to add the events to.


Best Calendar App For Outlook

You can also drag a file with events to Calendar. The events are added to the calendar selected in the calendar list.

Import calendars from an archive file

Add Calendar To Outlook App Mac 2017

WARNING: Importing an archive file replaces all of your current calendar information.

  1. In the Calendar app on your Mac, choose File > Import.

  2. Select the archive file, then click Import.

To merge an entire calendar with another, export the calendar, import it into another calendar, then delete the old calendar.